May 8th Saturday Solo gravel Flybys

Saturday’s looking nice:

I’ve made a couple of routes with plenty of flyby potential. You can tackle them anytime, they’re both mostly an out-and-back along the G2G. Both start at the St. Jacobs Outlet mall.

The long route goes all the way to Milverton, and takes a little-used community trail that may be new to some of us. (I think I’ve only used it once or twice.)

Long route (90 km):

The short route is a bit more straightforward, heading to the G2G, doing a small loop around Millbank, and then back.

Short route (67.5 km):

I’ll be doing the long route, taking it kinda easy, maybe leaving a bit later than usual to get the warmer temps later in the morning.


Looks nice. Cool to include the G2G I have heard they have been doing a lot of work on it this spring.

I think at some point this summer another bike ride to Cowbell Brewery will have to happen once Patios are open.


I think we had close to a dozen people out doing either of the two routes, or some variation of them. I didn’t get any photos of anyone, but I believe I had 7 flybys today. The tailwind on the way back was fantastic, and when the sun was out it felt pretty warm.

Also a bonus fact. There’s a mexican Grocery store in Milverton (who knew?), and I can say the breakfast burrito is pretty fantastic.


Hey Kevin, did the Mexican grocery seem well stocked? Sounds like a great place to check out!

Yeah, they seemed quite well stocked. Chris Angermann got a bottle of hot sauce (I believe it’s one that’s good and hard to find.) The only thing lacking was some “Los Submarinos” - Mexican Twinkies.

I did my own modified flyby and ran into one rider on the G2G trail - Bill. Thanks for organizing these Kev!

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