Saturday Road route, May 15th (gravel route coming too)

The flyby gravel routes are proving quite popular, so I figure why not try a road route too.

I found this one in the club library, should be a good one for Saturday. Winds are calm from the west and southwest Saturday, and it’s going to be nice and warm.

The first and last 30 km are shared in both directions, so anyone out doing the route will have a good chance of seeing other riders out on the route going the other way. Like the gravel rides, the idea is you can ride on your own or your family/bubble - but you won’t be completely alone as others will be out using the same route.

I should have a gravel route set up as well, maybe I can have it overlap with the road route too. Look for a Sunday gravel route also; south winds so the route will head that way, maybe taking on Suden Forest and Dryden tract.


Ok, I’ve made a gravel route that overlaps with the road route - maximum flyby potential.

I’m honestly torn which one to do - I’ve been doing so much gravel that I kinda feel like mixing things up and doing a road ride, but the gravel route looks good too… :thinking:

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Doing the road thing tomorrow. Needed a reason to take the road steed off of the trainer and clean it up. Out for a shake down spin tonight and it feels like an absolute thoroughbred compared to the fatty and gravel grinders I’ve been on since November. Summer kit weather too!


I am going to stick with gravel (new bike to try out) but will pick up the route around 40 Line and Road 104 (24K in). Probably be at the point around 10:00 am.


Gravel is the plan and a coffee in Stratford. Will see you there Jim.


May pick up the road ride on Sunday. We’ll see, looks like a nice weekend.

I might see some of you. I’m following part of the route but turning back before Stratford and making a loop - heading north rather than back the same way. Great weather!

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So many options. Thanks el Presidente !

Wheels up at 9am from Sobey’s. Road ride to Stratford !

Don’t drink all the coffee at Balzac’s if you get there before me, and leave a slice of lemon cake !


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Ok I’ve decided road bike. (Checked strava and I haven’t used it in over a month!)
But I really want a flyby with @jdaley54 , what’s this new bike you speak of???

Change in my plans. Shorter route. No overlap. Gravel. Have fun out there!!!

Sorry I missed you Kevin. I have a Salsa Cutthroat. A newer version of what Alain has. Not fast but comfortable and really good on loose gravel and trails.

Spectacular road ride today with numerous flybys and chance encounters at Balzacs. Perfect weather and a nice chasing tailwind home. Man it feels like a million bucks to get on the road bike in summer kit.

@DrewMolnar good call on road bikes. I was reminded today how fast and fun they can be.

But funny enough I went off route and wouldn’t you know, I ended up on some gravel anyways.

I lost count of flybys, but it seems like we had a good dozen or more riders on either the road or the gravel route.

Good call.

We took a slightly northern route on the way out to make a “loop”.

Wind on the way back meant 32 new Achievements on STRAVA…16 of which were new PRs.

It’s like Drew said…going form Gravel to Road…is like swinging lead bats for a month.

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