Rec Gravel June 10

It turned into a great day once the air cleared. Moving average of 18.5 and my total distance was 47.5 km from home.

The butter tart tour now includes other sweets like these awesome whoopee pies.

Come on out to rec gravel. We only bite tarts and pies. :sunglasses:


Here are some more pics from our ride.

My total kms was 42 and I won’t lie…. it was a long one for me. Thankfully my riding partners @Bikedawn and @bill were fantastic and as usual showed me places I’d never seen …. Like Paradise Lake!

Also, I bought a loaf of bread from Sunnycrest and it was soooo freaking fresh and delicious !!! :yum:

We will be riding again on Saturday June 17 so feel free to join us…. @justinlang :heart:


Oh and here was our route!