Ready for next week's CX Social? Maybe a recap from last year (2021) would help

The 2022 Cyclocross (CX) Social is,

CX Social! - Columbia Lake, Sept 25th @ 10am

If I recall correctly, the 2021 CX Social was the first time in the Covid era public health guidelines allowed us to do something that resembled a social. The open air venue with lots of room for physical distancing was the perfect opportunity to gather. The weather cooperated for a fantastic day.

Volunteers arrived early to setup for the event including the tent, bike rack, and a fairly extensive course.

There were a number of skills sessions for topics such as mounting, dismounting, and barriers,

A simple corner (notice this inside foot),

A more complicated corner,

Then we put it all together for a few laps of the entire course,

Some repeated the exercises. It was great to see members progress from getting stuck part way through in the beginning, to flowing through the twisty undulating segment. Others seemed to just be honing their skills. Look at the eyes focus on where he wants to go - textbook!

The one lesson we were missing was how to heckle which may have come in handy about now,

CX is fun for the spectators too. You can be right in the centre of the action. Watching the flow of one rider after another around corners. It can almost be hypnotizing.

There were snacks, shade, and conversation at the tent.

As they say, pretty much any bike will do. I had fun on my 29+ and this looks like a pretty serious cargo rack,

This was a great example of a WCC community event. Many hands made the tear down fairly quick. The normal CX leaders got the ball rolling; shared their time, passion and expertise. Others pitched in baking treats or lending a hand where needed. Best of all, people where there for fun and it was just that. Thanks to all!


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