CX Practice This Summer/Fall

There won’t be a practice on Labour Day weekend, but after we’ll start up the regular Thursday night KWCX in McLennan Park and continue Sunday mornings in Meadowlane Park.

If you can’t make the start of a practice don’t worry, you can always drop in part way through, get some practice, heckling and of course some social time in.

Haven’t tried cross before? No worries! No matter your main cycling discipline, cx skills are always great to learn and they’ll help you no matter the bike you’re on. Come out and give it a try.


It’s awesome this is happening this year. Any hints you can drop on the provincials course location and layout? :slight_smile:

Ahh, the club cross race. I’m happy we’ve been given the chance to run provincials. That opportunity is largely thanks to the amazing volunteer work from everyone in the club over the years. From the many hands to help with course setup to race day volunteers, we’re truly lucky to have the amazing members of our club support this.

The race is at Bingemans as usual. Here’s the course, I added more time in between the hills and some longer straightaways as well as a longer start/finish.


Course looks awesome, Mark! Looking forward to it.

To anyone maybe on the fence about trying cross, like Mark said, the club practices are suitable for all levels and very open. There’s structure, but everyone can work at their own pace and take breaks or stop and chat whenever you want. The session leaders are welcoming and knowledgeable.

If you’re at all interested in trying racing, cross is a fantastic discipline. There’s no getting dropped from a group, as everyone spreads out pretty quickly anyway, the races are 45 minutes or less (unless you’re in the higher levels), and falling typically features a gentle grassy or muddy landing, hopefully hilarious for you as well as the onlookers laughing with you:)


The course looks great! I can see the spots where I’m going to wipe out clearly on the map :smile: