CX Social! - Columbia Lake, Sept 25th @ 10am

It’s been a while, but the WCC CX Social is back for 2022. This event is open to everyone in the club, whether you have ever done cyclo-cross (cx) before or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s a fun gathering where we run some skills clinics, have some baked goods as snacks and just have a good time. Oh, and we’ll run a couple little “races” around the course that we build in the park. We’ll plan for the social to start by 10 am and run until 3 pm, but you can come and go as you like.

The important thing is to come out, socialize and have some fun in the park on your bike. This event is great for the whole family, kids will have a blast riding with each other around the course. We might even have some local bike shops out with a tent and some things on display.

Here’s a picture from 2018. It was a great turnout, hopefully many of you will come by and chat/ride. You don’t need a specific cyclo-cross bike. Any gravel, mountain bike or even road bike with some wide tires will do.

We’ll build a course in this general area, just north of the Brubacher House at the end of Frank Tompa Dr. The parking lot there is very small, so we encourage people to bike or use the university Parking lot “x” just down the road. The university website says lot x is free to use on the weekends.

The course will be contained in the purple area and parking lot x is highlighted in yellow. We’ll have the club tent, snacks, bike racks setup in the grass just to the side of the parking lot by the Brubacher House. Bring some lawn chairs of your own or a blanket to lay on the grass.

If you have cycling friends that belong to another Ontario Cycling club invite them out. Anyone covered by Ontario Cycling insurance is welcome to join the fun.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.



I posted a recap from 2021 at: Ready for next week's CX Social? Maybe a recap from last year (2021) would help

Photos from previous years are also available on Flickr:

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Great news. As in past years, Ziggy’s Cycle has generously donated some prizes that we’ll raffle away at the social.

Yet another reason to come ride, chat and enjoy the day. We’ll pass out tickets to everyone and start drawing some prizes part way through the day.

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Any chance one of the prizes is a CX bike? :grimacing:

I think, after 32 years, it’s time to replace my Led Sled…

I’m going to pickup a KWCA team tent to provide us with some more shelter if its needed.


Looks like some light rain tomorrow. It’ll be some real cross weather for the social. We’re still on, so come by for a bit and chat/ride. We’ll have at least a couple pop up tents to shelter under and make it more comfortable while socializing.


Course is up, we’ve got 4 tents for shelter, and the rain is supposed to taper off by 10.


It was a fun event. Thanks for organizing!


Thanks @MarkW, @kevrideseverything and team for organizing.
It was worth being an hour late getting home! :grimacing:


Huge thanks to everyone that came early to help build the course, all the members that enjoyed the surprisingly sunny and pleasant afternoon. Finally thank you so much to Ziggy’s Cycle and VeloFix for donating some prizes that we raffled off and bringing tents for us and our bikes to shelter under while the early rain cleared and everyone socialized.

Many cookies were devoured during the course of this event.


As a side note…I’m glad today’s social course wasn’t like the USCX Rochester course.
If you have GCN+ check out the women’s race from today (Day 2)…at the 6min into the race point… :flushed:

Thanks to everyone who tag teamed keeping my daughter occupied so I could ride today! She had a blast watching all the bikes. And thanks for a great event!


Thanks for organizing guys. My 4 year old had a great time, did two laps of the course, and learned something about heckling. He’s still talking about it today.


@LucasW, @adam.wilson we’re so glad you both came out with your kids. We try to make this social event as family friendly as possible. In past years we’ve had twice as many people and of course many more kids. Hopefully next year they’ll have more kids to ride around with.


As long as there are the promise of cookies and timbits kids will be happy. The course was super fun for Parker too. He loved the forest part!