CX Races 2021

Learned of a few CX races today at the CX social that I was unaware of. Thought this may be a good place to share upcoming events that our members are aware of and or taking part in. Which ones are you thinking of doing this season?


What are the rules around races right now for Covid? I don’t intend to enter any races this year, but it would be fun to show up and cheer people on at some of the closer ones, specifically Dam CX (I’ll be volunteering at KWCX). Is this prohibited now? I suppose I could always volunteer at Dam CX as well.


Here’s the OCA calendar as of right now:

Provincials and Eastern Canada Nationals are back to back in Milton on the October 30th/31st weekend.

The “bread and butter” of CX racing is the O-cup series, with 5 races this year, including our very own home race, organized by the club, KWCX. There’s also a citizen race on October 9th, Dam Cross in Woodstock.

@jeremyhaak the guidelines aren’t all that clear. The tech guide for Cowbell does recommend that racers show up, do their race, and then go. But the MTB o-cups sort of say the same thing, and since it’s outdoors with lots of space, it’s really not an issue, and people do hang out a little.

That being said, I reached out to Nathan Chown for Cowbell CX, and he’s ok with me bringing the club tent - so I’ll be there all day to help anyone out with numbers, etc. IT’s a good place to drop your gear before racing.


Thanks, Kevin- I appreciate it!

What about hats at CX races?

The OCA Guidelines are not clear.


CX hats are advised as they encourage social distancing…in order to avoid getting your eyes poked out not to avoid COVID :laughing:

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