Radar rear lights

I know a fair number of you are running rear radar lights lights like the Varia…

I bought a iGPSport SR30 and had it on for a couple rides down boomer.

I am getting a fair number of false positives with it when riding down Boomer

Yesterday on a 20km/1hr ride, I got at least a dozen false positives. I was riding solo.

I found a firmware update for it on the app and applied it to the light.

Today, I did the same ride, but my wife was behind me most of the way… I might have gotten less false positives, but it also detected my wife which it’s not supposed to…

Do you get a lot of false positives with the Varia unit?

The iGPSport sr30 is helpful, but the false positives are annoying. I may try a different location to mount it on my seatpost and see if it improves…

I’ve used Varia for a couple of years and haven’t noticed any false positives. But it does detect approaching cyclists. Hope you can get your “false positive” problem fixed.

A couple of times I’ve had false positives is from my sensor/light being too low and detecting the back wheel. (Fender might also affect it?) I’ve also had accidentally cover the sensor with the bottom of a long jacket/skirt.

Varia is astonishingly accurate. I’ve never had a false positive. One of the best purchases IMO and I will never ride without it.

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thx folks.

I have it as high as it will go on my seatpost… maybe i’ll lower it and see if that helps…

i’ll also contact the seller

I have a magene radar and haven’t had false negatives*… just have to make sure the mount is solid. Birds, trains, etc. do trip it though.

My Varia has been pretty flawless for the past 2 or 3 years. It definitely does detect anyone riding behind me if they are closing the gap! Also, in my opinion, false positives are tolerable, it’s any false negatives (it NOT picking up a vehicle) that would be the deal breaker for me…