Love and mounting of Varia bike radar

I knew about the Varia radar but I didn’t fully appreciate it until I was on a 6-day ride from Ottawa to Waterloo and my riding partner had one. It not only warned him of vehicles approaching from the rear, but the rapid flashing warned me riding behind him.

Even better, once paired, it displayed approaching cars on my Wahoo Element Bolt bike computer along with an audible warning. I didn’t know before now that it worked on the Wahoo, let alone that it would work for multiple riders!

He had his mounted on his helmet which, in my opinion, is much better than a seat post mount. It is higher up and more visible to vehicles, but also saves moving it among, in his case, 14 bikes. Harmon doesn’t provide helmet mounts, but it is not difficult to jury-rig with zip ties on many helmets.

Here is a photo of mine:

What I love most about the Varia is the peace of mind and relaxation it provides when riding on quiet country roads. It is less useful on busy roads where the frequent alerts provide no real information.

In terms of accuracy, we got a few false positives but I did not notice any false negatives— which is the way you want it on a safety device.

I got mine, in stock, from Ziggy’s for just over $300


Interesting. Did you use one of the seat post mounts and then zip tie the mount on?

Do you find it picks up cars as you turn your head? That would be my concern.

Generally, I love mine. I do wish it had some granularity as to how close the car is in terms of passing width and if I need to take more direct action. But I have been amazed how accurate it is!

I wonder how well it worked on the helmet, If you turn tilt your head would it not get the wrong field of vision?

Certainly there would be that risk with head turning, but as I say on a 6-day ride it didn’t miss a car. Possibly that accounted for a few false positives. The “view” angle is fairly large as it picked up vehicles on the 401 while we had a short stint on a parallel road.

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I did use one of the post rubber mounts but upside down to get a better angle. Once I had the zip ties on, I angled it a little more downward and inserted a washer behind in the top to maintain that angle.