TT Guideline Updates - Please Review

Hi everyone,

I wanted to connect with the group on a couple of simple changes to the guidelines for our Club TT’s.

  • We strongly encourage everyone to put a rear light on their bike. It greatly helps with visibility and given the aero position riders tend to take having a rear light makes it easier for other road users to see the rider
  • We’re going to adopt the UCI guideline for the Road Bike Category of no invisible aero bars / puppy paws position. Your hands should be on the drops in easy access to the brakes or on the tops touching the hoods. Your forearms should not be resting on the tops with your hands dangling over the front. Getting low with forearms parallel while gripping the hoods is allowed

This is obviously an honour system as there aren’t spotters on the course. If you’d like to use the IAB/puppy paws position that’s perfectly fine but just let Kevin and I know and you’ll be entered into the aero category.

Here is a quick summary of the rules:

Aero Category:

  • There are no UCI TT fit requirements, any depth wheels, skin suits, TT helmets etc. are allowed
  • No e-bikes
  • Rear light strongly recommended

Road Bike Category:

  • No IAB/Puppy Paws position
  • No rear Disc TT wheel
  • No TT specific aero helmet (Aero road helmets are fine)
  • Any depth wheel is allowed as long as it isn’t a full disc wheel
  • Skin suits allowed
  • No e-bikes
  • Rear light strongly recommended

Thanks and any questions please let us know.

Chris and Kevin


What are the rules for the Grime Trial? I don’t think for that there are two different categories. Should aero bars be banned on that or are they allowed?


Hi Luke,
@kevrideseverything runs the Grime Trial, I’ll let him speak to that. The rules above are specific to the road TT series but we can look at applying them to the gravel TT if Kevin feels it’s required.

@luke we’ve left it open for the gravel TT - run whatever you want. I’d say for most people, you may want to decide yes or no on arerobars and then stick with it, so you can at least have some good year-to-year and/or month-to-month data for comparison - rather than a mix of aerobar and “mercx” results.

The rear light isn’t a bad recommendation, though one of the nice features of the course is the lack of traffic. Honestly, last run a few weeks ago I’m not even sure if I recall even one car passing me during the TT.