Official club rides are back! (no more pre-signup and screening required)

Woohoo! Official club rides are back. The other news is official rides are now back to “normal”. The COVID-19 requirements of limited attendance numbers (depending on the stage of lockdown), as well as the pre-registration list, and the screening questions at the start are all done with.

We’re kicking off with an urban adventure ride Wednesday night, a classic loop for St. Jacobs outlet to Columbia woods.

You can find the post here:

As before, the posting includes all the details about where and when the start is, and a link to the route in ridewithgps.
The “event” box at the bottom serves two purposes:

  1. it triggers an entry in our “upcoming events” calendar (you can see the calendar here: (Waterloo Cycling Club Forum
  2. you can choose to mark yourself a “going” or “interested”. If you pick “going”, you’ll get notifications to any additional posts or updates to the event. Marking yourself as going also drives interest in the ride as more people sign up. :laughing: also if you mark yourself as going, and aren’t right at the start on time, the ride leader may be more likely to wait a little bit to see if you’re coming :grimacing: