Spring is here (kinda). Road rides will be starting up, as long as the weather cooperates

April is upon us, so it’s time for road rides to start up, as long as the weather cooperates :crossed_fingers:. Good news is the Covid requirements for pre-registration to ride, attendance limits, and pre-screening are all done with. So it’s back to the good old days of show-up-and-ride.

As before, all rides are posted to the “rides” channel on the forum. The posts are now a bit more streamlined without the Covd administrative stuff. Ride details, the route, and an “event” are all part of the post. Clicking “going” or “interested” in the event isn’t mandatory, but it does help others to see who’s going, and helps the ride leader(s) know what to expect. Also, if you do click either option, you will be notified of any new posts or changes to the original post, so if, say, the ride leader has to cancel and the post is edited, you will get a notification.

The rides channel is here:

You can also see any rides in the Upcoming events section:

Clicking will give you a calendar view, and show all rides that are posted.

Tuesday Bamberg Loop(s)

First up is the Tuesday night HIIT ride. As usual, we gather at the church on Erbsville, and head out in small groups for a high intensity ride. This early in the season we’ll liely have fewer riders, so we coudl end up with just a couple groups.

Ride post for April 5th is here:

Thursday Threshold (The Elora/fergus loop)

Thursday night will also be starting up, weather dependent. Meet at RIM park for the big loop out to Elora. As the season advances and sunset gets later, we’ll switch to the bigger loop to Fergus.

Saturday Fondo
Likewise the Saturday Fondo rides will be back, often heading out to Stratford, or other directions depending on the wind.

Learn to Group ride and Wednesday rec road

Learn to group ride is an ideal way to meet new riders, learn from experienced leaders and go for a spin with friends while practicing the skills of group cycling.
We’ll begin on May 11th with a virtual orientation session, and then rides the following week. At the end of Learn To Group Ride, we’ll continue riding Wednesday nights with the Wednesday Rec Road program.

Happy riding!


Hey Kev,

What time are the rides starting, 6 or 6:30?

Dino Z.

@Dinoz 6:30.
With sunset around 7:50 there should be plenty of time for a full lap, maybe even a second, short lap to Maplewood road (i.e. Paradise lake).
I’d say anyone riding to the church should bring lights for the ride back home.