Unsure if missing upcoming events


I am a new member (just moved to Waterloo this month) and I just got access to the forum yesterday. When I look at the calendar, I see at most one event a month for the past year, and none other than the Zwift Time Trial occurring today during the month of September or October.

I am wondering if I am not permissioned on the forum to see all the rides, or if there is a different system for posting rides that I am unaware of? I was hoping to come out to the Threshold ride tonight and hopefully the Saturday Fondo, but I’m unsure if they will actually be happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Hi there. If you are logged in, go to “club ride notices.” That is where we post all the group rides.

Within the notice you can click on the “going” - “not going” - or “interested” icon/button.

Once you register for the ride, you should receive notices if anything changes (ie bad weather cancellation).

I hope that makes sense.