Club news: Fall update

Wowser, I can’t believe Labour Day has come and gone, and today in fact is the last official day of Summer. (or is it the first day of Fall :thinking:)

While the weeknight road rides are slowly tapering off, there’s still plenty of club activities going on and coming up. Before I get to those, I just want to take a minute to thank all our ride leaders for their support through the (busy) summer season. Whether it’s a fast road ride, MTB skills or ride, rec road, or a TT, these events all take place thanks to your fellow club members volunteering to take the LEAD.

Here’s a few upcoming events to note:

  • The Hydrocut is hosting a Hallowe’en ride, Friday night October 28th. Watch their socials for info.
  • Plans are in motion for a Fall Social. Yes, the first in-person fall social to take place since COVID. We’re looking into dates and venues, likely early November.
  • We’re working with Garneau for a winter clothing order. We’ll have a jacket, pull-on tights, and a few other items. This one will be a little different, as we’ll have the Garneau online store first open in “survey” mode. You’ll go in and make your order like normal, but no payment yet. Once we close the store, we’ll confirm we’ve hit the 6-piece minimum on the items offered. Then we re-open the store normally, and you’ll be able to complete your order and pay for any of the items that did reach the minimum.
  • With fall comes the Cyclocross race season. Skills sessions on Thursday nights and Sundays are underway. Just like a short CX race, the CX season is short, so come out to some sessions if you can. Even if you don’t race 'cross, working on bike handling skills is always helpful.

And then lastly, short notice, but in case you missed the posts, this upcoming weekend has some fun stuff:

Happy riding!