Is there Bamberg loop ride tonight? And would it be 6 or 6:30?

can’t see anything in the calendar

Hi Seb;

Unfortunately all our usual ride leaders are unavailable this week. I’d say there’s still an excellent chance for an unofficial group ride to happen.

I’ll make an event for 6:00 PM and people can reply. If it looks like you have critical mass then it will be a go - as an unofficial event.

I’ll be continuing the rides next week, FYI.

Hey all, I’m new to the club. I can’t seem to find the calendar that you mentioned. Where do I go to sign up for this ride? @kevrideseverything

This wouldn’t be an official ride, as we don’t have any ride leaders, so it would be just an unofficial ride and you would just show up for it. You can show you are interested in going, or planning on going, though, by indicating so at the event Kevin just posted:

For official rides, you can view upcoming rides by clicking “Upcoming Events” at the top of the forum site. When you click on an event, the first post details the route, start time, and start location, and has a link to a form where you can sign up for the ride.


My problems seem to go deeper then this. I don’t seem to have membership permissions. Just made a post in the "Site Feedback / Help Me’ channel.