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Hello all. I’ve never raced in an event before and would love it try it out this year. I took a look at the Provincial Race License but I don’t know what skill level to sign up as. I assume you can do day of the event sign-ups as well? What do noobs generally do?

Hi Jack,
Everyone starts in the category:

  • E4 - for elites (under 35 yrs old or if you are over 35 and want to race with youngsters)
  • M3 - masters (over 35yrs)

In pre-covid years some events did have day-of registration and allow one-day citizen race permits.
With COVID restrictions last year all races required people to register online before the event and did not have day-of race permits.
What things look like for 2022 I’m not sure.

@MarkW @Vance @Msteven @blakeellis
Mark, Vance, Malcolm, Blake,
Can any of you provide insight for 2022 racing?

Hi Dan,
Happy New Year !
Cycle Waterloo will be organizing 2 local events this year in 2022.

The KW Classic Provincial Road championships June 12 in Hawkesville and a new 8 hour gravel ride we have named Dusty Nostril on Aug. 21 out in Milverton at the Perth East Recreation Complex. This event will offer solo, teams and a team time trial category.

Unfortunately the Kitchener Twilight Criterium will not be run this summer mainly due to David St being closed for the summer.

Hope this is helpful.

Malcolm and Blake
Cycle Waterloo


I am interested to learn more about these races, particularly the time trials. I am not a gravel rider, will there be road race as well? Any idea on distances?


Hey Jack, it looks like the provincial road races, or O-Cups, will require racers to purchase either a UCI or provincial race license. The provincial race license is the more affordable of the two and allows you to race any discipline within the province. Don’t forget, your “associate club membership” costs $48, and you pay that when you sign up for any club affiliated with Ontario Cycling such as the WCC. That $48 is included in the price for all those licenses. If you’ve already signed up for the WCC or another club, then those licenses cost $48 less. So the provincial race license is a fairly affordable $42.

When you buy the license, and when you race, you’ll be in the first category Elite 4 (E4). For athletes under the age of 35 that’s the starting point. If you finish high up and earn points you can move up to Elite 3, and maybe eventually the big E1/2 race. You’ll easily be able to move out of E4 if you get a chance to attend a few races.

This year is a fairly light year for the road racing calendar, and our home race the KW Classic is the Provincial Championships. All the other road races are a bit of a drive and happen early in the year.

The road o-cups are as follows.
1 - April 15 - Mosport Classic (Yes, it happens on the race track)
2 - May 1 - Calabogie (It’s far away and flaaaaat)
3 - May 21 - Northumberland (Honestly the best race course in Ontario. Highly recommend it.)
4 - May 29 - Quinte Crit ( A bit of a drive and you’ll want some crit practice before jumping into this)
5 - June 12 - Provincial Champs - KW Classic ( If you’re a local racer this one is a must, it’s a fun course and there’s always a great crowd)
6 - June 19 - Preston Street Crit
7 - Aug 13 - Tour de Via Italia Crit

Traditionally there’s been an early season race just south of St. Catharines but its off the calendar this year sadly.

Finally, you people usually race for a team or club. The WCC sponsors Faction Racing, which is the local race team. There’s no cost to join; we love helping new racers and providing support. You can also list the WCC on your race license. It’s something to think about as you’ll be asked when if you purchase a race license.

If you’re out to a club ride you can chat up the group 1 guys or Kevin G and I would be clad to talk racing.

Thanks for all the info Mark. I’ll talk to someone on the next group ride.