Are there any races for 2022 scheduled?

Hi, just wondering if there is a list of TT races for the summer? I know WCC has its own weekly TT, but is are there any others under OCA? I have looked at their website but cant find any race information. I am scheduling my vacation time and want to know if I will be able to get any races in.

Tour du Canada Time Trial.

Cycling Canada apparently has some.

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I have the Ontario race license, do you need the UCI for this one?

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Looking at the website, It doesn’t appear as you need any form of license for that one.

As for time trials and the OCA, there may be more posted but I haven’t heard much on that front. Unfortunately don’t expect a lot of notice on races, and they are always subject to change. The events calendar hasn’t been populated but that isn’t unusal.

If you are looking for a relatively local TT other than the club one then Hamilton Cycling club runs a regular series. Same goes for London Centinal Wheelers. I haven’t done either but some club members have. Memebership for both clubs will be far less than a race entry fee.

Hi sorry I’m late seeing this.
There’s two big TT races this year. Canadian Master Nationals TT Championships in Victoriaville Quebec beginning of July (Along with UCI Worlds qualifier) and the Provincial TT championships hosted by London Centennial Wheelers in mid August.

There are also a lot of great club TT series:

  • WCC has a monthly TT series starting in May and will host at least one 40km TT (I’ll make a separate post about that shortly)
  • Hamilton Cycling Club has a great TT series, basically weekly. Mix of courses ranging from 15km as well as 20/40km
  • LCC is supposed to have a club TT on the provincials course (which is 47km long and awesome) in the weeks leading up to provincials
  • Realdeal has a TT series as well (Thursday evenings I believe) in the GTA somewhere but that’s a bit of a hike for most in this area.


What ChrisP said… The OCA only puts on one TT event per year… that is the provincial championships. All other TT events are club/regional events. At those events there may or may not be official timing - but generally will be a hand timed event… with unofficial results (not OCA scheduled events).

Our monthly TT’s will take place as scheduled and we look forward to seeing you out there. Hopefully Chris was able to get out and ride my pick for the new course. I’m pretty certain it’s going to be a lovely course with low traffic and fast times.

Ride well and ride safe!!

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Dawn… that is Cycle Canada… not CYCLING CANADA. There is a big difference. Cycle Canada is a touring company that hosts an annual Cross Country tour … but also puts on this annual TT event.
This event is not sanctioned by Cycling Canada (our national cycling federation) or the OC (Ontario Cycling). Therefore you are not required to have a race license to participate… but also you should look into whether they are insured… or if you have to supply your own insurance for doing this event. (OC sanctioned events are insured under the OC, and Cycling Canada events would be covered under their insurance.) It’s not a big thing, but is something that should be considered… specially if you’re doing a TT on open public roads.

I drove the new course tonight and it’s perfect. Wide road, smooth pavement, decent shoulders. It’s more rolling than Crowsfoot with a nice little jog and will be fast.

If you ride out to the very end of Hessen Strasse, turn left and then take the immediate right on Streicher that’s where the start will be. The turnaround will be near the end. (Ends at a T)

Kevin mentioned we can get a 14km course which will be perfect.

@Bopper feel free to add anything I’ve missed but I’m impressed with the course, it’ll be a blast and should be low traffic. :slight_smile: