Dusty Nostril 2022

I am very disappointed to see this topic hasn’t been posted yet. We as a club really should be supporting this event – as the organizers are long time members and deserve our support.


I may be interested in doing this with a team - if someone would like to join me… I’d be open to 2 person or 4 person teams… or even the Team TT version.

Let’s get out there and sign up for this event - they have plenty of solo riders registered, but NO teams as of yet. I think it would be awesome to have 3 or 4 teams from the WCC representing the club and lending our support to CycleWaterloo… who do so much for sport in the community.

Ride on y’all!!!

I have organized a couple 4 Person Teams and I know of one other team as well. The price of registration goes up on Sunday, so register now and save some money. This is going to be a great event to push your legs on.

Come on everyone, let’s get some excitement growing for this event.


Soooo looking forward to this event! Cycle Waterloo puts on amazing cycling events and now that we’re coming out of the pandemic restrictions I for one want to support their efforts to create accessible and interesting events.

Wonder if there will be maple syrup shots at this event? Or maybe buttertart hand-ups?

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Hi everybody, I was hoping for some course info/tire choice guidance

I haven’t been back to the Waterloo region in a while. My memory of the railtrail is that it was pretty rough as you went westwards, but it looks like it’s been redone and in good shape now. Is that true?

I also remember the gravel roads around there to be pretty tame as far as gravel goes (and smoother than some pavement). Would riding 28mm tires be a bad idea?


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Wow. The Great Farla returns.

I’m sure Malcolm, Blake and Kelly will comment.

Some of us have done recons.

Rail trails are crushed “champaign” gravel. 28’s ? Maybe?

This was a picture of the rail trail on Wednesday. Pretty smooth.

However, there is a stretch on the gravel road side of the course (someone help me identify it) that has recently (or perhaps as we speak) being resurfaced.

So, it may be either soft with fresh sand/aggregate. Or at the time we rode it a few weeks ago…that stretch was fairly rough and bumpy. To the extent that I was contemplating bumping up from 40mm to 50mm…just for that section.

But, the rest is classic Waterloo gravel roads.

@Thiago rode it very recently and took a few pictures of the gravel quality and state of resurfacing. Perhaps he can share. @SloRider also have been recon’ing.


They were resurfacing Road 140 on Monday. This is how it looked like. @blakeellis said they will be either done by the weekend or have a workaround for us. Either way, that will be new gravel.

This is the intersection of Road 140 with Line 60.


Malcolm has been talking with them and he was out yesterday on the roads.
Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the updates,
I guess I should at least make sure I’m ready to ride something larger, and maybe make the decision after taking a look Sunday morning. The rain will probably also have some effect too…


Well that was an awesome, but hard, day. Fortunately it wasn’t hot, even a little rain to cool us down. Big thanks to @cyclewaterloo for putting this event on - you guys are the best!! @blakeellis @Msteven @kaellis And thanks @blakeellis for the bottle fills, chain cleaning and moral support.