Cycle Waterloo's "Dusty Nostril" Gravel Race - early bird registration ends June 25th

Whose ready to race the “Dusty Nostril” Gravel Race on August 20th in Milverton?

Sunday, August 20 is the date for the 2nd summer addition of Cycle Waterloo’s gravel race with a new format offering two distances - 73km or 36km (2 laps or 1 lap). We would love to have as many WCC cyclists entered as possible!

The race is being held in Milverton at the Rec Complex and will include both gravel roads and G2G rail trail on the 36.3 km loop. It is an amazing event in our own backyard!!

This year we are also adding a charitable component with the opportunity to donate or raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.

For more information go to

Thanks for your help in making this event a huge success for the second year in a row!

Blake Ellis, Malcolm Stevens (Kelly Ellis)


Signed up for the 72km ( was great last year!). My wife and son are thinking of doing the 36km at the same time. Do they need to be oca members or just pay the race fee and the one time event fee from the oca? Apologies if this a stupid question :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Oliver, so excited to hear the whole family is going to join in on the fun! There is no need to be an OC member to race the Dusty Nostril. When you register on CCN you will just need to pay the race fee plus the one-day event fee. Never a stupid question, others always benefit!

Kelly for Cycle Waterloo

Hi Kelly,

Here’s another membership question :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an Ontario Cycling membership. It appears I have to add a membership to my cart though and pay for another additional fees. Sorry if I’m being obtuse here, just not clear what the issue is. Appears its asking me questions to complete another OC membership

I had the same issue… I have membership with OC, a UCI technical license and yet it’s still asking me to add another license to my inbox.
I have message CCN and will post the response when I get any info.


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Hey all, since it doesn’t seem like there has been an answer yet we will contact CCN ourselves to get to the bottom of this ASAP and will get back to you with the result. The OC membership should be all that is required so hang on! Sorry for the late response, I hadn’t been on the forum in a bit - if you have further questions you can always send a message directly to

Thanks for your support!

Thank you Kelly… I still haven’t heard anything back… was thinking of writing again to find out what’s going on. >:(

The OC replied and the answer is that the Dusty Nostril sanctioned race requires a Provincial or UCI Race Licence not just an OC Associate Club Membership which is apparently what you have, Steve. So you are required to complete the one day licence when you register for the Dusty Nostril or if you prefer you could upgrade your membership to the Provincial or UCI race licence on the OC portal using this link!/memberships/ontario-cycling-association-2023-annual-license-membership (likely only necessary if you intend to do more races :grinning:).

Sorry for the confusion but hope this helps to clarify!

Hey Kev, the OC replied and it seems that even though you have a technical licence that qualifies you as a commissaire, you are required to have a Provincial or UCI Race License. They said you need to either upgrade on the OC portal or complete the one day licence when you register for the Dusty Nostril. Sorry - hope that helps!


Thanks, I was wondering if that was the case…but I thought the club membership would be enough…however as it’s a race they want everyone to have some sort of racing license.

Thank you for looks ng into that Kelly.
Have a great day tomorrow.