Dusty Nostril 8hr Gravel Race

Good morning, whose up for the “Dusty Nostril” 8hr Gravel Race?

August 21 is the date for the inaugural summer addition of Cycle Waterloo’s gravel race and the first time for an 8 hour gravel race. We would love to have as many WCC solo riders and teams entered as possible!

The race is being held in Milverton at the Rec Complex and will include both gravel roads and G2G rail trail on the 21km loop. Riders can register as solo to challenge themselves to do as many loops as possible in 8 hours or as a team taking turns or as a TT Team to complete all laps together. It is an amazing event in our own backyard!!

For more information go to https://cyclewaterloo.ca/

Thanks for your help in making this “first-of-its-kind” event a huge success!

Blake Ellis, Malcolm Stevens (Kelly Ellis)


Haven’t gotten around to registering yet… but Team Muskrat will be there:

I’ll be in the pool between laps :grin: :ocean:


no team tryouts eh lol

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@Hyrum_Merino I was chatting with @rosepedal and @Ddawdy last night and I think they’re both interested in forming team(s)

I would love to race but unfortunately I’ve already committed to another race that weekend :slightly_frowning_face: - next year hopefully :crossed_fingers:t2:


I’d love to be in a team if anybody has a spot :slight_smile:


Make sure to ask on the gravel rides if anyone is keen to try the race. I bet there are quite a few who would love to join a team and race so close to home! It will be a great homebase for family & friends to come chear the teams on!

EXCELLENT!! Let’s keep the excitement growing and see how many teams from WCC can join in the fun.

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I might be down for this

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I’m a bit late to the party here ( the Sunday was booked up but I think I’m free now). Anyone still looking to fill a slot in a 4 person team or even start a new one? I’m not very fast so don’t expect me to help win the thing!

I might also be interested in a two person team if someone else wants to do it with me. Can’t do 8 hours on my own :blush:

Thanks for organizing it!!

@rosepedal , @Hyrum_Merino , @Oliver_Smith, @vikramSubramanian

Is this a team??? :grin:


Two weeks to train…for me :slight_smile: Sure I’ll do it!

Great I’m in too. Hopefully @Hyrum_Merino and @vikramSubramanian are still interested and we have a team! I’ll need to do some more gravel riding myself!


We have two teams from our Track & Thai/COVID crew group:

Human Hydration System: @Bopper, @Sammy_Ryu, @TommyB, & @Vegan_Coyote

Dusty Tonsils: @bdoberst, @Jasonpollard, @Del & Ron Schirm

It’s going to be a fun day of dust, bikes and friends. :wink:
See you all there!!!


@Oliver_Smith Count me in!


This is so exciting!!! Now all you guys need is a great team name to get yourselves registered - how about Team “What the Heck, Why Not!?”

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It’s this weekend? I’m down im not at my best though but I will come out and do it

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@Hyrum_Merino it’s sunday the 21st. You’ve got 13 days to prep! :grin:

@Hyrum_Merino bit of back of a napkin math (which might not be right) and I’m assuming very optimistic 30 kmph average (tailwind both ways!) we do 1 lap every 40 minutes (the lap being just over 20 kms).

8 hours is 480 minutes so best case we do 12 laps in total so 3 laps each (or just over 60kms). But really I think we are looking at 20kms X 3 with then a 2 hour break between each run.

With heat, mechanicals etc etc I think we might do less than that. Also if someone is not feeling it we can always change the order of who goes next :slight_smile:

do I have the math right here or am I missing something?

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