New Wahoo BOLT

I did not look at the specs, but it has a new color screen, looks interesting…


I have the Elemnt Bolt (as do a few other’s in the club) and my experience has been absolutely positive for this GPS head unit. I do not have the colour screen version, but I can’t imagine it being too much different than the old b/w version.
If I had to purchase another one, I would probably go with the Roam… as that has a much handier on bike navigation hardware… allowing you to make route changes on the fly without any hassle. The Bolt uses a “bread-crumb” system to follow… so if you turn off the route it just gives you warnings to turn at next intersection or u-turn to get back on course. The Roam will re-route the directions on the fly… which I would find more convenient. I usually study my routes beforehand, while mapping it out, and know approximately where I am at all times. If I’m in this area, having lived here my entire life, there aren’t many places I haven’t been already - so never really need it here. However, when I’m travelling/vacationing elsewhere - it’s nice to have the GPS telling me where to go.
It looks like the colour version is coming soon… not ready to order at this time… and will be replacing the old b/w version, so the functionality will be the same.
My positives:

  1. Battery life is exceptional - rated at 18 hrs in b/w (colour is 15 hours) - perfect for those doing extra long hours in the saddle.

  2. Aero profile of the head-unit - it is the most aero head-unit… small and lightweight.

  3. VERY easily customizable screen pages. Put the information YOU want on the head-unit using the Companion App. Easily zoom in and out for more or less info with a press of a button as well.

  4. Bluetooth or Ant+ compatible for all your sensors and devices.

  5. Easily track other riders with Wahoo units (if enabled). Great for finding friends out on the road without using another app.

I don’t know why I took so long to get one of these head units - but since I did, I have been extremely happy with the purchase. I’ve also had AMAZING customer service with Wahoo. I had some issues with sensors falling apart (poor quality plastic casings on the sensor, and also the bracket holding the sensor has fallen apart twice) they quickly replaced everything without any issues.

Highly recommend Wahoo units. Don’t let the sensor issue deter you, if you have sensors already, the Wahoo head unit will connect with any sensor - so you don’t need to purchase theirs. I use this head unit on multiple bikes … using three different sensor manufacturers and they all work seamlessly.



I should have looked in my Email in bin… got the notification about the NEW Bolt as well. Looks like they have made some on-board navigation changes as well, so it will function like the Roam while out riding. I also read that the colour screen automatically adjusts brightness depending on the light conditions, if you go off route, it will display blue arrows on which direction to go to get back on course, the arrows will be black when on course… and few other nice upgrades to the onboard experience.
Looks like a great upgrade, if you’re in the market.

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I am going to stick with my current Bolt…not even a year old. The new features could sway me…

Looks like I have one of these coming as a warranty replacement for the orginal BOLT i bought last year. I will provide some impressions once I have it in my hot little hands. Other than the color screen, the feature I like the most is the auto screen brightness. I find evening rides a pain since you can’t see diddly…

I still see it as coming soon on their website. This is the model I’m holding out for! For now I just have a 17 year old dumb computer, tells me how fast and far, nothing else lol

I have a BNIB Wahoo Element Bolt V2 if you want one immediately.


Decided to replace it with a Garmin 830.

That said, I have a beautiful K-Edge alloy mount that is like new…perfect and great fit for the BOLT.