June 17 recreational gravel ride follow up

We had a fun ride on the G to G rail trail. The ride was completely gravel with no paved roads. It was a little different from past rides where we travel on a mix of gravel and paved roads throughout the mostly quiet country roads. The rail trail is completely flat with barely any elevation so there were no hills today!

As planned we stopped in Millback to visit Anna Mae’s bakery. Apple fritters and cookies were the go-to food for our little break.

@smaclell had his commuter bike and had no problem keeping up. @dr.edith.law had a little gear trouble so kudos to her for keeping up with minimal gears.

Of course @Ruth_M made it again from Guelph with her beautiful bike and hybrid Toyota.:heart:

And as I was having a little technical difficulty with my new quad lock phone holder @dawn was in charge of the route. We almost rode right past Anna Mae’s !

ALSO…. We hung out at Anna Mae’s for 10 or so minutes and saw the other groups “fly” in. Very impressive and some gorgeous bikes! I’m posting a few pics…. I forgot to get everyone’s ok, so if you see yourself in these pics and want me to remove them, just send me a note.

Happy cycling and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

We will ride again on Saturday June 24th. We will aim to start at 8:30 and go approximately 30 kms.


It was great riding today. The butter tart has morphed into the bakery tour. There were raisins in the tarts today so fritter it was…

Baby horse and orioles were some of my sights today.

At 17.5 kph and no hills it felt like what @Francqlife likes to call the ladies and gentleman of leisure. So peaceful. The G2G is a gem in our region.

Thanks to @Ruth_M and @PattiDennison for sharing cookies.


Looks like an amazing ride! and a great group of folks!