200 km G2G Ride on June 15th

Since the 200 km Randonneur Gravel Grinder last year, @dnair and I have been talking about doing the G2G trail to Goderich and back on the same day. We are planning to do this ride on June 15th, starting from St. Jacobs and taking the G2G trail around Elmira or Wallenstein.

There are places to refuel at Anna Mae’s in Milbank, Milvertorn and Blyth, and of course, we’ll have a lunch stop in Goderich! We would love to have more people joining us. Last year, we had a great group of 6 people doing the Gravel Grinder, and it was a lot of fun. Great company and good food are all you need for a long day on the bike!

This would be an unofficial ride. We will post the route soon and share more about logistics if people are interested.



I can’t on that day, but we did this a few years ago and it was a very nice ride. We went to Goderich via the G2G and then came back via some other gravel roads, to change the scenery a bit. Totally worth it!


You might already be aware, but they’re installing a bridge near Blyth, so there is a detour until July 2nd:


Alternative : Highly recommend riding to Port Dover - trail system past Brantford to there is great! Long ride - but can be done in a day (I did it last year!)


That is what we are planning next! :smiley:


This is so exciting and thanks for taking the initiative! I’m very interested. Right now I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be free on the 15th. Once I have a better idea of what that weekend will be like for me I’ll update here. For now count me as a soft yes.


Sounds like great fun. Unfortunately I can’t on June 15. I’ll keep an eye open for Port Dover. Have a great ride.


In case it helps when planning the route, this is what we did: Follow Thiago on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

There was also a detour close to Goderich, not sure what’s the current status, they are always improving the trail.


@valentinacastilloc , @dnair count me in


Great idea! I’d love to join, but have a scheduling conflict on the 15th. I’ll see if i can sort it out and will confirm here later.


Awesome! I can’t make the 15th but will keep an eye out for the Port Dover run later this year :+1:


Thanks @Thiago for sharing a route!

@WillA the Port Dover ride is so nice. I did last year also and looking forward to riding it again later in Summer with more folks :blush:.

So happy to hear @sholota that you will be joining us!! Hopefully @zliu1020 and @Natalka can join too!


200km :thinking: . I feel like I would die.

Come on Adriel! You will be fine! U_U

Oki 80% yes from me


We usually do a combo Port Dover excursion later in the summer that is an official ride. Rec start from Waterford (50 km return), Intermediates tend to start from Brantford (about 100 km return) so you could add on a 200 ish which I guess would start from Waterloo. I am not sure what time you would have to leave to get to Waterford for 10 am though.

I found an awesome blueberry place near Brantford so likely planning to do the ride in peak blueberry season again. :blueberries:
We of course stop in Port Dover for fish and chips too.

Was a great group last year!


Hey everyone. This is the route we have planned for the ride. We have kept it out and and back to keep the elevation to the minimum.

Start Point: St. Jacobs Outlet Mall Parking

Start time: 6AM

Estimated end time: 7PM

Our first stop will be at Millbank at Anna Mae’s for a morning snack and coffee.

The next stop will be at Blyth and we can stop for a craft beer at Cowbell Brewing Co and resupply at Blyth Food Market

We will then ride to Goderich and grab lunch at The Old Saltie

We then begin our return journey, cycling back to Blyth and resupply at Blyth Food Market

We can then once again stop at Anna Mae’s Bakery & Restaurant for a snack and coffee if it’s still open.

And then complete the final stretch back to St. Jacobs.

Might make sense to carry lights for the early morning and evening rides.


Hello. I have updated the above route to factor in a small detour between Millbank and Milverton.