Rec Gravel Recap Spring 2024

We’re going to try Brian’s format with multiple ride recaps in the same topic. Today was a very nice spring day.

A sure way to tell is to look for hot air balloons like we saw tonight.

Another nice mix of regulars, new members, and familiar faces from last season.

The moving average pace was about 19 kph. The group was quite relaxed. Although the wind hadn’t calmed quite as much as we expected, it was quite light. This made conditions ideal for conversation as we rolled around our beautiful countryside.


It was a beautiful day on Saturday for our little excursion to Anna Mae’s.

Marco was able to catch us part way.

A fritter is awesome and it was atill warm.

Other treats were also purchased. A foldable backpack comes in handy a lot.

My saddle started creaking and discovered at the end the rail was broken. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Great group. Thanks to all for the enjoyable conversations and company.


It was a fun long weekend mini excursion. As is common for our the Rec Gravel excursions we offered two distances. I looped by the Outlets to pick up any who wanted a longer ride.

Most of us converged at the second start location near Wallenstein.

Marco’s scenic routing to the start meant he needed to chase. He did catch us and brought the sun :sunny: with him.

A break to overindulge at Anna Mae’s,

Then onto the G2G. We cruised along the trail with lots downhill sections. There was lots of nature to enjoy. Many flowering trees,

Pedals decorating the trail,

A few spring flowers were still in bloom,

And many colourful and song birds including
bluebirds and an oriole. Some urban trails gave me my first 100k ride in quite a while.

It was a great pleasure to kick off the long weekend with fellow members.


The Thursday weather was wonderful. The group was small.

Maybe many were riding road. We crossed paths with one of the road groups,


The May 25 ride was a wash because of the lightning. The weather cleared for Sunday :sunny:. There was a big crowd at the start, but most were there for Intermediate or Fast.

The theme for this ride seemed to be agriculture. It is neat riding right next to a field of grain :ear_of_rice: in Elmira.

I was also appreciating all the rows of corn :corn: sprouting up and all the work that goes into producing our food.

There were losts of the normal scenes for a gravel ride.

And we saw WCC kit everywhere!

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Thursday was a beautiful evening. It was a small group again.

That made it easier to stay together and take turns blocking the cool evening breeze. The pace was in the low 20’s.

We mostly followed the planned route: Three bridges, Temperance, G2G, Arthur · Ride with GPS

But on request we added some of the trails in the south end of Elmira. With the trails in the new subdivision there is still more there to explore.

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