Gravel time trial (aka "Grime Trial") plans 2024

I’ve been a little slow getting organized this year. Also the debate about what nights(s) to ride gravel sort of threw my plans in disarray (not to mention my Wednesdays are no longer free for riding this summer, so that changed things too)

Long story short, plan is to do probably 4 time trials this year. Late May and late June, with a bit of a gap, then September and October probably.

  • First one with be Monday, May 27th
  • Second on Monday June 24th
  • last two are TBD, but likely the first Monday after Labor day, and then again 3 to 4 weeks later in early October.

If you’ve never done the gravel TT, it’s a really varied course - huge thanks to former member (and current Vernon, BC resident) @CANGERMANN for finding this gem. It’s at 12 km loop, 100% gravel, with no stop signs at any junction, and some decent elevation, including a nasty climb right near the end.

As usual, we’ll plan to meet at the Outlet mall and we can ride over as a group. Then it’s just a self-serve TT effort, using your GPS device to record. If you’re not interested in doing the TT, come on out as a group very often rides down the G2G trail and forms a cheering spot where the trail intersects Posey line.

TT course in RideWithGPS:

Strava segment:
(the course starts at the driveway, we usually line up at the G2G intersection, so it’s a bit of a flying start for the segment, but that eliminates the false timing if you’re in line waiting to start with your GPS on)