Gravel Time trial recap 2023

Woohoo, we had was felt like some pretty darn good conditions tonight.

  • wind was quite light (big improvement over last year)
  • winds was form the northwest, so a little challenging along Posey, but a nice little boost along Lawson
  • all the roads were in quite good shape, with a firm smooth line on the crown or on either side on the “tire lines”
  • a bit cool, and the sun disappeared behind clouds as we rolled to the start, so it felt a little colder. A couple of us braved bare legs (just think of the watts losst bending your knee with fabric over it :wink:)

Here’s the results for anyone who rode the course today. (Chad I see you got out earlier in the day to do it)

  • Congrats to Andrew Lambert for topping the leaderboard again, and the only sub-20 minute effort.
  • I included a PR column. It’s just based on if tonight is on the overall leaderboard, so if this was your only attempt you still get credit for the PR. :grin:
  • I calculated the time gaps tonight versus last April for anyone who did both. Big improvements across the board (as I said, the wind last year made it pretty tough) Congrats to Christian Bell for having the largest time improvement, 3:28 faster than last year. (Ha, and I had the least improvement :roll_eyes:)

Awesome congrats everyone! Can you add the link to the segment too please from Strava?


PS - for those interested in attending the road TT series would you prefer Wednesday nights?

We didn’t change the top 10 last night - it’s now a sub 20 minute result to crack it (two riders tied for 9th at 19:59)

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One more addition, just sorted out a technical glitch with @DaveG who slots into a tie for lucky 13th with @Portasaurus
Oh and another edit, found @WillA 's data. His first ever TT, exactly 31.0 km/h.


Thanks for putting this together and catching the lap I did an hour prior to the event.
Not sure if that was a benefit (had some sunshine) or detriment (no rabbits to chase ahead on the course).
Hopefully we can do 1 or 2 more this year!

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Congratulations to all! :clap::clap::clap: Some impressive times and power numbers. Good turnout.

I’ll be putting in a solo time on the segment as soon as I get the ok to do so from the doctor (or a bit earlier :wink:)

Well done to all the riders on the Gravel TT. Seems like we had great conditions, nearly everyone got a PR (if it was your first try it counts too)

  • @Luke_Ehgoetz and @ekalvi actually tied for fastest time - with this being Erik’s first try.
  • @Askes and @dirk are both pushing closer towards the magical sub-20 barrier.
  • @DaveG and @Portasaurus tied last month. Both were faster this time around, with Dave improving by an additional 4 seconds.

Also of note, @Arlambert couldn’t get out tonight, but he did ride the course last Friday, and set a NEW PR and of course, keeps the KOM and widens the gap to 2nd place.

The new best time is now 17:53, with a speed over 40 km /h. :checkered_flag:


These time trials are dangerous to my pocket book…Now I want 35mm Conti Terra Speeds and Zipp 303 FCs :laughing:

(I’m not getting them…but I want them…)

@ChrisP That’s what I’m using - and I’m still slow haha :man_shrugging: (but I’m sure you’d be damn fast with them - so you might as well buy a set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’m running 42mm Pathfinder pros on alum EA70 AX gravel wheels. I’d save about a pound in weight and save about 10 watts in drag. It’d be a pretty nice gain.

I’ll probably just start with the tires and see how that works out. (Get the rolling resistance benefit, most of the aero benefit and a little lighter weight) :smile:

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Just imagine the aero profile you could get with these rims: WG44: Ultra-Wide Aero Gravel Wheels

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@ChrisP ran the TT lap tonight, new PB by 1.6kph (32.6) with the 35mm Terra Speeds! - surely you’ll challenge that KOM with that kinda speed difference :grin:

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Ha that’s not going to happen but I’m sure I can closer to my PR from a couple years ago. (18:47) :slight_smile:

Different tire choice in the end but am now ready for the next one. :grinning:

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