Gravel Time trial recap 2023

Woohoo, we had was felt like some pretty darn good conditions tonight.

  • wind was quite light (big improvement over last year)
  • winds was form the northwest, so a little challenging along Posey, but a nice little boost along Lawson
  • all the roads were in quite good shape, with a firm smooth line on the crown or on either side on the “tire lines”
  • a bit cool, and the sun disappeared behind clouds as we rolled to the start, so it felt a little colder. A couple of us braved bare legs (just think of the watts losst bending your knee with fabric over it :wink:)

Here’s the results for anyone who rode the course today. (Chad I see you got out earlier in the day to do it)

  • Congrats to Andrew Lambert for topping the leaderboard again, and the only sub-20 minute effort.
  • I included a PR column. It’s just based on if tonight is on the overall leaderboard, so if this was your only attempt you still get credit for the PR. :grin:
  • I calculated the time gaps tonight versus last April for anyone who did both. Big improvements across the board (as I said, the wind last year made it pretty tough) Congrats to Christian Bell for having the largest time improvement, 3:28 faster than last year. (Ha, and I had the least improvement :roll_eyes:)

Awesome congrats everyone! Can you add the link to the segment too please from Strava?


PS - for those interested in attending the road TT series would you prefer Wednesday nights?

We didn’t change the top 10 last night - it’s now a sub 20 minute result to crack it (two riders tied for 9th at 19:59)

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One more addition, just sorted out a technical glitch with @DaveG who slots into a tie for lucky 13th with @Portasaurus
Oh and another edit, found @WillA 's data. His first ever TT, exactly 31.0 km/h.


Thanks for putting this together and catching the lap I did an hour prior to the event.
Not sure if that was a benefit (had some sunshine) or detriment (no rabbits to chase ahead on the course).
Hopefully we can do 1 or 2 more this year!

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Congratulations to all! :clap::clap::clap: Some impressive times and power numbers. Good turnout.

I’ll be putting in a solo time on the segment as soon as I get the ok to do so from the doctor (or a bit earlier :wink:)

Well done to all the riders on the Gravel TT. Seems like we had great conditions, nearly everyone got a PR (if it was your first try it counts too)

  • @Luke_Ehgoetz and @ekalvi actually tied for fastest time - with this being Erik’s first try.
  • @Askes and @dirk are both pushing closer towards the magical sub-20 barrier.
  • @DaveG and @Portasaurus tied last month. Both were faster this time around, with Dave improving by an additional 4 seconds.

Also of note, @Arlambert couldn’t get out tonight, but he did ride the course last Friday, and set a NEW PR and of course, keeps the KOM and widens the gap to 2nd place.

The new best time is now 17:53, with a speed over 40 km /h. :checkered_flag:


These time trials are dangerous to my pocket book…Now I want 35mm Conti Terra Speeds and Zipp 303 FCs :laughing:

(I’m not getting them…but I want them…)

@ChrisP That’s what I’m using - and I’m still slow haha :man_shrugging: (but I’m sure you’d be damn fast with them - so you might as well buy a set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’m running 42mm Pathfinder pros on alum EA70 AX gravel wheels. I’d save about a pound in weight and save about 10 watts in drag. It’d be a pretty nice gain.

I’ll probably just start with the tires and see how that works out. (Get the rolling resistance benefit, most of the aero benefit and a little lighter weight) :smile:


Just imagine the aero profile you could get with these rims: WG44: Ultra-Wide Aero Gravel Wheels

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@ChrisP ran the TT lap tonight, new PB by 1.6kph (32.6) with the 35mm Terra Speeds! - surely you’ll challenge that KOM with that kinda speed difference :grin:

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Ha that’s not going to happen but I’m sure I can closer to my PR from a couple years ago. (18:47) :slight_smile:

Different tire choice in the end but am now ready for the next one. :grinning:

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Great night on the Summer Solstice. Course was in great condition (some sections were just as good as a paved road). Very light east wind may have helped on the long early drag on Posey, and maybe wouldn’t have hurt too much on the mostly downhill of Powell.

As such the results do seem to reflect the good conditions, with 9 riders under the 20 minute mark. 15 riders got PR’s as well.

@Arlambert knocked another 17 seconds off the KOM
@ekalvi moves into second overall now
Mike Patte moves into fourth overall
@csbell gets into the top 10, it’s now 19:29 or faster to break into the top 10.

Also, the ride back eastbound on the G2G then down Jigg’s hollow was lovely, with a deep red setting sun low on the horizon. (But I totally forgot to get a photo)


Was a great night and turnout. It was a fast night as I was ~20 watts down in power compared my previous 2021 PR but only 4 seconds slower.


Yeah, fast night indeed. Comparing data with the same power meter, I did 1 W less last night than in April, and yet I was 1:49 faster.

I did also have Silca Aero Socks and an USWE outlander pack this time. Testing says the Outlander pack in an aero position saves 3 W at 35 km/h, and then the socks are also a handful of watts (they say 4-8 W at 50 km/h, so maybe 2 or 3 at 35 km/h)

Also, I’m pretty sure there were more than 16 of us, probably a few late uploads, I’ll check back later today.


As one of the slower riders, I’d encourage other intermediate riders to give this a try. Unlike a lot of other faster rides, you are competing against yourself, and the battle is how close you can get to your limit without blowing up!

I was using my estimated threshold HR as a guide and managed to average right on that for the circuit and got a PR. I probably needed to leave a little more in the tank for that last hill at the dogleg (I was very, very slow through there!). It’s a fun challenge.


Great attitude @TonyF. When I do the TT I am pretty much guaranteed to be last. But I own the age group record for 65-69 so it is all relative.


July 19th marked Time trial # 4 of the season. We had an excellent turnout at the parking lot at the start, which then turned into a big cheering squad at the G2G crossing along Posey line.

5 of us did the TT, while at least 10 went to the crossing to form a cheering squad. Alain had cowbells, Drew was splashing water - great atmosphere to ride through.

Course seemed in good condition, but all 5 of us didn’t get a PR. We were chatting after, and we think the consensus is an east or southeast wind is best for the course. Last night was a west wind, and it felt a little stronger than the weather forecast suggested.

Nice ride back though, the group decided we’d do the same return as last month. All along the G2G to West Montrose, then down Jigg’s Hollow.

Sun dropping at the end of Jigg’s Hollow: