Gravel Time Trial Recap 2024

A little bit later start to the season this year, as the first date got rained out. But we had a group of 10 heading to the TT, with one meeting us there. Not everyone rode the TT, and unfortunately, both Daves managed to miss a corner, so didn’t get a proper result.

Jim got a great group shot:

We’re smiling so clearly before the TT. :rofl:

But, the weather was pretty nice, a fairly light NW wind gave us a push on Lavery and Lawson, but the long grind upwards on Posey was as tough as usual.

Nobody got a PR, I’m feeling like the gravel was pretty “chunky” still. I think they laid fresh gravel in late spring. I suspect the best times are gonna be early spring before any fresh gravel is added, or late in the fall when it’s been packed and smoothed over by traffic.

@David_Sunday I checked your ride. Start to finish line elapsed looks to be about 30:38. The extra bit down Lavery and back was about 6:19. So overall something like 24:19 ish had you not missed the turn? Though I’m sure it’s quite demotivating, so probably faster on the finish otherwise…
@Dave_B I couldn’t find any results on Strava? Likewise @Scottmac , but we knew that going in.


My legs only warmed up after the time trial :sweat:

It was fun, great ride everybody!