Gravel TT schedule

Well, the gravel TT seems to be popular, so I figure let’s make it a regular thing. I’m thinking the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

So then we’d do TT’s on:
May 17th
June 21
July 19
August 16

If you’re not up for it, the route out to the TT and back is still mostly gravel and a nice ride.

For reference, here’s the course. But I’ll be including it on the Wednesday night ride post on TT nights also.


Hi Kevin
I’m a newbie to WCC, so would you be able to explain what the time trial ride is about?

Do we time ourselves on the route or…?

Maybe for myself, and any others that are newbies you could just explain what this ride is about and the goal and how it works. Lol.

Kevin will probably provide details, but in the meantime, here’s his post for the last one, which outlines what it is:

Basically, a course without stops that’s all gravel where people go out in intervals (on their own, no drafting).

I’ve not done it yet, but it’s become an interesting gravel counterpart to a similar road TT. The goal is to both see how one ranks overall and see how one can improve their personal best.


Ok thanks! I might just try this one day.

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Excited for this. I should be good to go healed up from broken hand by May 17 :crossed_fingers: