Gravel newbie here, planning to ride June 4 late morning or afternoon, anybody care to join?

Just putting it out there for other women especially (men welcome of course) in case you might be interested and available. Looks like a great day to get out and I need some fun bike time after a nasty spill on Sunday on my road bike.
Lmk if you might be free/interested. I’m thinking about 50k, maybe longer route but open to suggestions.

Sorry to miss this - message me in the future as I’m also new to gravel and would love to ride together - particularly daytime.


Good to know! I actually have plans with Carly to do a gravel ride tonight at 6pm if you’re interested? About 32k ride. You can text me at 6478875117 if you like for more info.
Otherwise I will keep you in mind as I generally prefer afternoon rides on most Tuesdays and some Wednesdays and/or Fridays.

I’m doing this route later to pick up something and recon the potluck ride (also because too much sun and heat now):

Maybe we’ll cross paths?!

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Ah Doris I missed this! I never get notifications for the forum topics. Feel free to text me direct too - I’m at 519-588-3822! Message anytime- I often have daytime availability.

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