Is there still a gravel ride on Monday?

I was just wondering if there is still a gravel ride on Monday’s at 6:30pm. I don’t see it in the ride section so I thought I would ask.

Hi @BigK75, we’ve been doing gravel on Wednesdays this year.

I should have a route posted either tonight or sometime on Tuesday.

Here’s last week’s info, FYI:

That one might be too fast for me. I will probably show up anyway and if I get dropped I get dropped :slight_smile: I have a GPS anyway so I can find my way home. Thanks Kevin.

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@BigK75 There’s an early morning sunrise gravel ride tomorrow, Aug 24th, out of St. Jacobs @ 5:30AM. Here is the link:

There is commonly a second intermediate gravel ride on Wednesday’s that starts a bit earlier; goes shorter and slower; and is typically more conservative. With this week’s heat, humidity, and threat of severe thunderstorms it is probably not going this week or it might go on Thursday instead.

Okay good to know. Is it posted on the forum?

Nothing yet. They will get posted in the ride planning category when rides look likely including a reasonable 24 hr weather forecast.

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