Garneau Club Kit Fall Order

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The club kits are again available for order. Some important changes/updates so please read carefully:


-The Premium Slim Fit Jersey (men/women) has been replaced with the Plume Jersey however due to translation it will read as “Feather” “Swimsuit” “Adjusted Cut” and/or “Fitted Cut”.

-The Premium Standard Fit is still available (same as spring) but for a slim fit option you will want the “Plume” Jersey.

- The Winddry Jacket & Vest are discontinued

  • Winddry Vest replaced with Orak Vest
  • Winddry Jacket replaced with Godry Softshell Jacket

Details about the new offerings:

Plume Slim Fit Jersey


  • Made with the lightest fabrics on the market

  • Lightweight stretch mesh front for maximum venti- lation

  • AirDry® Plume back and sleeves for good stretchand sun protection

  • Seamless stretch sleeves for optimal fit in motion and comfort

  • 3 back pockets

  • Full length hidden zip

  • Laser finish at hem with grip

  • LYCRA® fiber sleeves

  • 2 easy-to-access side pockets

  • 3 back pockets with reflective accent

Orak Vest


  • Mesh at sides and upper back for a breathability and stretch

  • Lower back opening that allow access to your jersey pockets

  • Gripper at back hem with reflective trim

  • Front reflective logo

  • Packable in front pocket

  • 2 easy-to-access side pockets

Godry Softshell Jacket


• A windstopper, water repellant softshell to protect you from the elements

  • Stretch side panels, front and back inserts at shoulder that help evacuate heat and improve freedom of movement

  • Full-length zip with inner flap and garage

  • Fleece cuff

  • 2 easy-to-access side pockets

  • 3 back pockets with reflective accent



  • Airdry 100 front which is super lights and has a great stretch

  • Offset side seams creating V-shape at front

  • Overlock seams

  • Men’s: Crew neck

  • Women’s: V-neck

Garneau PPR Store for WCC

Don’t delay on placing your club kit clothing orders! Store closes tomorrow at midnight and we have a long way to go to meet minimums!

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I just need five more people to order a Superlight Jacket. There’s no easy way of switching to another item if something we ordered doesn’t meet the minimum is there?

Also, anyone that rides in the spring or fall, a vest is the most useful piece of kit you’ll own.


If we order any gear do we have a rough estimate of delivery? Is it this year or early next?

I’d get a superlight, because it’s fantastic. But I already have one in faction colours and one in club colours. :flushed:

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I may be in for a superlight @MarkW

How many do we have? Can we get a count here?

I have a WCC thermal winter jacket, WCC Wind jacket, WCC & CW Vests and Arm warmers. CW Thermal Jersey. A lot of different options and layers.

But, what I am missing is a “super light” rain jacket to carry on me for when I get to the cafe or it begins to drizzle like last Wednesday. But its got to be small… and super light.

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Weekend so I don’t think I will get a reply from Garneau, but I would assume same as last time, 4-6 weeks turn around time.


Order status as of this morning - if you know any members that were interested in club kit, reach out to them so we can get these quantities up to the minimums!

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That’s exactly what it’s for, those in between seasons/days. It packs down into itself. It’s a piece of gear I’m missing and it’ll be useful for running and cross country skiing too.

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Ok. Mark.

Is it just you and me at this point? I have yet to enter an actual order on line yet.

So we need 4 more of the “SuperLight” to meet minimum?

We could be quite selfish and put out a dedicated post on the forum for that one “super light” item if we have any hope of hitting it today.


Do we know the difference between the Slim Fit and Standard Fit jersey? According to the Size Chart, they appear to have the exact same measurements for Medium and below. There’s only variation at Large and above.

In the sizes with no variation between Slim and Standard (ex. Medium), would one be longer than the other, or something like that?

I ordered a Modesto Jacket and Nova Vest.
At this point it does not look like either minimum will be met.
I’d be down to help the cause by cancelling the Modesto and take a Superlight.
As long as its Superlight AND Super Slimming. Would be the only lightweght thing perched atop of the Alchemy…
Also, if there are anymore takers on a Vest, I would be just as happy with the Orak. Looks like we would still need four more.


Let me get on there and put an order in for the super light.

But ummm….I’ll not slim fit anymore? So, any advice on sizing might help.

Im going XL. Thats what my slim fit jersey is. Not sure how layers will impact the fit.
Any imformation on what happens to items not filled due to numbers?
Are they refunded or is it store credit?

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Great question - Items that don’t meet the minimums are refunded

Hey Kerry,

Can you please provide another updated order count, just to see where we’re at?

Yes I can do that

I’m not sure about length, but I’ve had better luck with the fit of previous slim fit jerseys I’ve purchased vs the regular ones and I’m a medium. I’m also pretty scrawny, so the less extra fabric the better. I find they are all around less bulky and loose. Hope that helps.

ORDER is in for the Super Light wind/rain jacket.

Four of us so far. @MarkW @Scottmac @David_Sunday @Francqlife

Need two more to reach the magical 6 minimum.

LAST Call.


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