2024 Garneau Clothing PPR Store CLOSES TONIGHT at Midnight!

The online Garneau Clothing Store is now OPEN and will be for 7 days! Get your piece of WCC green to represent the club on your rides.

*Minimums of 6 units of each style must be met for production (men’s & women’s styles are combined to make up this minimum)

*Store is open for 7 days only

Happy Shopping!



Just wanted to clarify, last year I think the jersey styles were different in the fall order than the spring order if I’m not mistaken? I think it went from the “premium” in the spring to the “plume” in the fall, and now it seems like we’re back with the premium. Is that right? I noticed a bit of a sizing difference between the two and want to make sure I get the right size :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes the Plume was a new offering from Garneau so we added it to the 2023 Fall order. We offered it as a potential replacement for the no longer available Slim Fit. However it was not a great alternative so we have gone back to the reliable Premium Jersey Standard Fit.

Ok great! Thank you for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

2 Days remaining and we are short on a few items! Reminder the minimum is 6 items per article of clothing so if you are on the fence… :slight_smile:

I contacted LG about the long sleeve premium jersey and asked about the SPF rating. They said it was a 30. :hugs:

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Since a few folks in the club have Castelli & Garneau – If I’m XL in Castelli jerseys, does this stay XL in Garneau Premium/Slim?

(Yes, I’m guilty of choosing to ride every night there’s a fit night.)

I’m a slightly different profile to you @csbell but I find the Garneau stuff fits like other cycling gear (like pearl izumi or decathlon). So I normally take a small in a jersey (for an aero fit :slight_smile: ) and I’m also a small in the Garneau slim fit stuff. I size up one size for Castelli ( I’m a medium in that).

I’ll let others chime in on the larger sizes (I’m not sure it scales the same in Castelli).

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I find Garneau to fit closer to other North American cycling kit, (i.e. Pearl Izumi, or like MEC house brand stuff).
The other thing that was asked earlier was about the fit of different pieces. I find the sizing is quite consistent between items. So for me, I’m a medium across the board on just about everything Garneau So for instance, I’ve got the Premium jersey (aka the Mondo in the old naming) in a medium, and it’s tight like a race fit, but it does indeed fit. Then in the Fondo jersey, I’m also a medium. It’s a bit looser, but that’s the intended fit of the item.

Back to @csbell: as I said, I’m a medium across the board on Garneu. For Castelli, I’m “just barely” a large on most of their stuff. I’ve got some large stuff that fits good, some stuff that would have been mush better as an xl (some bib straps far too tight, and my large Gabba just fits, but there’s no room at all for layering under except the thinnest base. TL:DR, I’d say large in Garneau will be totally fine for you.

for comparison
Garneau: medium everything
Castelli: large at least, borderline xl on some stuff
DHB: large typically (except medium baselayers)
Pearl Izumi: medium
Le Col: can do medium or large - my medium stuff is tight but fits, the large stuff is “almost” loose
Decathlon: just got some stuff for the first time - erred on the side of caution and went large - seems about right.


Store CLOSES TONIGHT at midnight!

Sooo close to making the min on the Fondo Jersey if anyone is vacillating on ordering one!

Note: Anyone who orders an item that does not make the minimum will be refunded by Garneau.

UPDATE: Fondo Jersey has met the 6 piece minimum.