Fall Garneau Clothing Order - Interest in Additional Items

In addition to the original order offerings from the Spring we are looking to add a few additional offerings if there is enough interest.

  • Fondo Shorts (not bibs)
  • Premium LS Thermal SS
  • Team-T
  • Grody Softshell Jacket
  • Leg Warmers

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Not that I’ve joined any club trail rides this year… but I’d be interested in a MTB trail-style jersey if that was available as an option at some point. Something like a looser-fitting, no zip, 3/4 sleeve or T. I recall seeing some chatter from the rec gravel folks about something that sounded somewhat similar, though I’m not sure if this is exactly what they have in mind.

Anyway just throwing it out there, even for a future kit order. I’m not sure if it’s something others are interested in as well, or if Garneau even makes a product that would fit the bill.


@KGale It’s my first year with the club and I missed the cut off for kit this year, can you remind me (and maybe others) what’s normally offered?


What about bibbed tights??

Hi Scott,

This is a copy of the original order and these items will be available this time around as well as the few additional pieces the Poll is about.

Premium Jersey Slim Fit
Women’s Premium Jersey Slim Fit
Premium Jersey Standart Fit
Women’s Premium Jersey Standard Fit

Fondo Jersey Standard Fit
Women’s Fondo Jersey Standard Fit

Premium LS Jersey Standard Fit
Women’s Premium LS Jersey Standard Fit

Premium Pacer Bib 4.1
Women’s Premium Pacer Bib 4.1

Fondo Bib
Women’s Fondo Bib

Course SS Skinsuit/ Slim Fit
Women’s Course SS Skinsuit/ Slim Fit

Modesto Jacket/ Standard Fit
Women’s Modesto Jacket/ Standard Fit

Nova Vest/ Standard Fit
Women’s Nova Vest/ Standard Fit
Premium Winddry Vest/ Standard Fit
Women’s Premium Winddry Vest/ Standard Fit

Racer Cap (KWCX Logo)
Arm Warmers
Long Socks

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If there is enough interest (6 minimum) then they are something we could look at adding to the order.

We have designed a club mtb style jersey in the past. Held off this year as often it is the same pool of riders who would purchase a club jersey as well as be interested in a Hydrocut baggy jersey. The Hydrocut committee was hoping to design one for this season and so asked that we didn’t do a club one as well. Unfortunately it didn’t happen.


Which jacket would be for winter. The Modesto or Godry

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I think Modesto. I got one last year and it is heavier/warmer than any other jacket I have. Good for wet too.

Would it be possible to get shoe covers or winter gloves?

Don’t delay on placing your club kit clothing orders! Store closes tomorrow at midnight and we have a long way to go to meet minimums!