Fall & winter Clothing order. Shop is open

Our Fall and winter clothing shop is ready!

Note the shop is open in “survey” mode. Since we have a 6 piece minimum on all items, we’ll have the shop open this way so we can see what items reach the minimums. Then once the survey mode closes, you’ll be able to go back in and then pay for your order, which will include just the items that reached the 6 piece minimum.


We’ve included several new pieces, as well as some popular items from the spring order:

Pacer bib 4.1 and Premium short sleeve jersey.
These are the ever popular summer kit. The pacer bib is exactly the same as the order in the spring, as well as from previous years. The short sleeve “premium” jersey is a renaming of the “pacer” jersey this past spring. While there are pretty much summer items, they’d be handy on the trainer, ready for spring, or if you travel somewhere warm this winter.

Long sleeve Premium Jersey
This is the same as the spring order. It’s not exactly a thermal jersey, but it’s a little heavier than summer weight. Ideal for layering over a base layer and under a jacket or vest.

Groad tights
This is a new item for us. They’re pull on tights designed to be worn over top of your favourite shorts or tights - they don’t have a chamois.

Nova vest
The Nova vest is also new for this order, as the prior vest (the superlight) is discontinued. The Nova vest is a standard cut, and features mesh on the sides for breathability.

Jackets - Modesto and Winddry
We’ve got two jackets in the store right now, though I think for winter, the Winddry is probably the better choice. It’s a bit more expensive, but is more insulated than the Modesto. But I’ve left them both in so we can see - perhaps both will reach the 6 piece minimum.

The Modesto is essentially a wind layer, designed to provide wind protection. It’s packable, but that means it’s a very light fabric. The jacket is very similar to the Superlight jacket we offered in the spring and in previous years.

The Winddry jacket is meant to be a full on winter cycling jacket. It’s windproof, but also insulated.

Any questions at all, chime in here (though perhaps comments don’t work in the “announcements” channel), or on the thread in the members only channel. or just DM me.


Store remains open until Sunday night. If you’re interested in any of the items, get your order in so we can see which items will reach the 6-piece minimum for production.

Good news, we’ve got enough Winddry Jacket and Groad tights sold already. Short sleeve premium jersey we’d need 2 more to hit the minimum, and the long sleeve jersey and bib shorts we’d need 4 more of each.


Hi can the store be opened again for a couple days? I wanted to order the Groad tights and just received confirmation on which sizing to use.

Store is now open for any pre-orders to be completed. If you did an order, login and you should see your order ready for payment. Just the Winddry jacket and Groad tights passed the 6 piece minimum.

If you missed the pre-order, you can still shop the store as usual. Just the Groad tights and the Winddry jacket are available, they were the items to hit the 6-piece minimum.

Store closes Sunday night.


FYI for anyone who ordered, ETA for delivery is November 28th. I’ll post when it arrives, and email anyone with an order to work out pickup or delivery.

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