2023 Garneau Clothing Store Open

What better way to celebrate the first day of spring!



Interesting that there are no shorts and only bibs.

And when will the store close?


Hi Dawn,

Based on order history we have either not met or barely met the 6 piece minimum for shorts. In the past Garneau has done production for items that did not meet the minimum requirements, but not this year.

Store closes on the day of the Social/AGM, Tuesday March 28th.

Thanks Strange that shorts arent ordered by folks but it is what it is.



Anyone else getting a skin suit? It’s only about $10 more than the nicer bibs/jersey combo but the suit is more aero therefore saving watts and has the nicer 5.1 chamois. So far there are two of us ordering one that I know of.

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I thought long and hard about it Mark but no one should have to see me in a skin suit. :wink:

I hope others jump in so that the minimum is met for it.

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I would argue that we all look equally ridiculous in a skin suit. i mean, I don’t have to look at myself, and my wife laughs and calls it a onesie.

Hopefully a few more people will order them.