First WCC TT - Sunday, July 18 - Results

Good afternoon all,
It was an absolutely fantastic morning for a Time Trial. The weather in my opinion was absolutely perfect, Sunshine, NO clouds, light winds, and perfect temperature. Maybe the humidity was a little high, which makes the air kind of heavy to move through. It was still an amazing day as the wind was NW which means a slight cross headwind going out and a nice tailwind coming back… which resulted in many PB’s and some very fast times.

We apologize for having to change the date, but I think we can all agree that the weather this morning was far superior to what would have been experienced on Thursday night. We had 4 people cancel from the original sign up group, and 4 extra people sign up for today’s start. I then had 1 person cancel late last night (because a butter tart ride sounded better than suffering in a TT :wink:), and 1 no-show this morning (missed you Tom - hope to see you next time.)

As you can see, the results above show some very fast times and great results. I want to give a huge applause to Sean Ryans… this was a truly inspirational ride after having a organ removed 3 months ago. Congrats Sean!!! Wonderful race against the clock!

Thank you all for your cooperation in pulling off this event. Also thank you for attending and giving your legs a hard effort. It was wonderful to see all of you again… and hope we get to see you again soon.
Stay tuned for the next event… hopefully soon!
Kevin S.


Thanks Kevin and Chris for putting this together for us all. Nice times everyone, well done.
See you next time.


I thought you might be interested in the results sorted by bike styles and Male/Female.


Thanks everyone for coming and thanks Kevin for officiating and timing! Hot and humid on course with interesting winds. (Out and back had both headwind and a tailwind going each way) Congrats Alex on a great ride, I knew you’d get a PR. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was close to a PR (4 seconds away) but found the humidity tough and had a car coming at the turnaround that cost me a few seconds. (Even without the car I wouldn’t have beaten Alex though).

Great rides by everyone, can’t wait till the next one!


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Thanks for hosting - that was some (type 2) fun!


Perfect day and thanks again for organizing.

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haha type two fun. PKA listener?

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Haven’t thought about the fun scale in a long time! :slightly_smiling_face:

I managed to find the article that introduced it to me back in my rock climbing days…