Unofficial WCC TT this week Wednesday January 4

Hi all,

Moving the TT to Wednesday this week as the track guys have a session Thursday and I’m out of town Thursday evening. :slight_smile:


Link to Wednesday’s event :slight_smile:


@adam.wilson @Ryans pls note the date switch to tonight. :slight_smile:

Last night was the first time on the trainer for 6 weeks after my surgery. Have to say it was hard. dont know how long it will take to be strong enough to do a TT, but that is the goal. Managed 15km (30 min) last night before the pain was too much. Feel like I always have an excuse to not do something.

Thanks! Do things get going right at 630? Should I be warmed up by then?

David - Just come and do what you feel comfortable with. It’s a good training session, not an official race :slight_smile:

Adam - The event starts right at 6:30pm so warm up prior :slight_smile:

That was a great ride. Nice using Discord to chat before and afterwards. A couple of people set new personal best FTPs which was awesome!

We are going to do these biweekly on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm going forward.

Andrew ripped it up again. I had mediocre legs so went steady Z4 for the ride except for the very end. It was a great workout. Will book another for two weeks out!

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That was fun, helped keep the motivation for that long steady effort.

See you in two weeks.

Had a little left in the tank, haven’t done any steady efforts like that in quite some time, so not too displeased with the results.