Finding the perfect, flat and safe 100 km route

I am looking for the perfect 100km TT route. My goal would be to try to do it in under 3 hours.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here are a few things I would consider that would make a route even better.

  • Little to no traffic
  • The flatter the better
  • Paved for a road bike
  • Repeating the same sections, again and again, is fine
  • Interesting scenery is a bonus. I might be out there a while :wink:
  • Happy to do either solo or as an event
  • Within driving distance from KW

Where would you recommend? Anything else I should consider? Thanks in advance!

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I think I have found the road for me. The pavement was decent, extremely flat and had only a few cars the whole time. There was a little more wind on one leg, but otherwise, it was delightful. We visited my inlaws in Leamington when I remembered this nice section by their house.

I headed home early to be a better husband and will try it again next season.