Route recommendations? - shelburne

Does anyone have a paved road ride route recommendation in/around mono - an 80-100km loop would be ideal. Generally east of Sheburne. I just spent an hour on Ride with GPS and could find much that interested me (as in avoid busy highways). I see LOTS of gravel options and regret not having my gravel bike with me this week. I am going to Mono/Shelburne Wednesday and looking to fit in a road ride loop in the area. There must be some good paved roads in the area but everything I tried on plan a route ended in gravel. Any suggestions?

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It’s a hair over, but I’m pretty sure it’s all paved, and it hits a few spectacular roads.


Hi James !

Few years ago, this was organized by WCC Groupe Ride. I really enjoyed and you can possibly download my route from Strava.


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thank you both - just what I needed