Does this mean we can ride in groups of 5 now?

From the announcement yesterday…

Meanwhile, as of May 22 outdoor gatherings of up to five people will be allowed, and the following outdoor activities can reopen if they follow select safety criteria:

  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Batting cages
  • Soccer, football and sports fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • BMX parks
  • Skate parks
  • Golf courses
  • Frisbee golf
  • Cycling tracks and bike trails
  • Horse riding facilities
  • Shooting ranges
  • Ice rinks
  • Playgrounds
  • Boat and watercraft launches
  • Archery ranges
  • Lawn game courts

Team sports are still prohibited and individuals making use of these facilities will be required to maintain at least two metres of distancing, with the exception of members from the same household.

So it seems like we can have groups of 5 again if we are socially distanced… :slight_smile:

This is unclear.

You are not supposed to have “organized” outdoor activities until Stage 1, which will happen around June 14th and allow 10 people.

But tracks and bike trails are open now for up to 5 people.

So … what does this mean?

Basically we have to consult with the OCA and find out about insurance coverage. I am assuming we are not allowed to organize anything until we officially hear otherwise, but there is nothing stopping you and 4 other people from going out.

I just got in touch with the OCA, they’ve got a call with their advisors this afternoon, and will provide an update.

Best case scenario it’s groups of 5 distanced outdoors. Realistically, I don’t think we’re ready to implement any official club rides for the weekend. But I would say groups of 5 are totally cool.

I’ll be posting a shorter road route as well as a gravel route for Saturday, they’ll be overlapping with the intermediate road route Brian posted yesterday.

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Hey @kevrideseverything thanks for posting the road routes! I would love to join an unofficial (5 or less) group on one of the above this weekend. Who else is in?
Cheers, Pat M (WCC rookie)

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FYI all, the OCA has updated their website - basically no change. So we still can’t organize official club rides until at least after June 2nd.

But I’ll keep posting the road and gravel flyby routes. I’ve been having fun, watching the road ahead to look for oncoming riders. It’s neat to see others out on the road and know you’re not alone on the route, even if sometimes it’s just a quick wave to someone else in club kit going the other way.

As for the group limits, I wholeheartedly think riding in small groups of 5 or less is overall a lot safer than riding completely alone. Just remember to keep your distance, and obviously be careful on spacing if you need to go into a store to refill bottles etc. And watch your distance if you’re maybe chatting in the parking lot at the ride start or end.


Do you see this changing as of Friday? being able to start having official club rides limited to 10 riders per group?

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@rwgrigg yeah, we’re expecting to go to groups of 10, with 3 m distancing (instead of 2 m). Haven’t got the official word yet, but we should hear soon.


OCA posted an update on their site:

But they made it more restrictive and are saying we must keep a 3m distance?! Why?

The 3m comes from Ontario Laws

I won’t go down the rabbit hole on Ontario logic with restrictions. For me this makes organised road rides a no go as we would take up way to much of the road.


@bike_daniells I’m with you, riding a bike you need 3M but skatepark not needed.

I think once we hit Stage 2 it should be much more feasible to do group rides. The restrictions should be less then.

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Any decision on the group rides yet?

Yes, we’re just finishing up the admin stuff to cover some new rules the OCA has in place.

I’ll be leading the first gravel ride this weekend, hopefully Saturday as long as the weather cooperates.