Saturday August 5 long road ride

Hi all,

I am new here and wondering if there any groups doing a long road ride this Saturday? I don’t see anything on the forum yet.


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Good morning Emily and welcome!

If you keep an eye on the “Upcoming Events” tab the calendar will populate as Ride Leaders post.

So far for this Saturday we have:

Road Ride Group 3 doing 99km to Belwood
Road Ride Intermediate doing 99km to Belwood

Not posted yet but there is usually a Road Groups 1&2 long ride

Check out the link below to see how the club breaks up into the different road groups and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Road Culture

Happy Riding!

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Hi Emily,

It’s Alain from the Gravel ride on Tuesday.

For reference, that group is generally called Group 3 (G3) in the Club. There’s ~20 of us. It’s not INTERMEDIATE (G4) and it’s not RACE FAST (G1/2)…it’s the sweet spot for those who like to go FAST for a while…but will regroup and tune the pace to stay together. Call it…“Fast-ish”.

Saturday G3 Road will be a steady destination ride. ~31-33kph average.

We also have the same group riding tonight 65km around the Fergus Loop but with ~6 fast sections and 2 race sims near the end. This will be spicy.

The Intermediate group is also a super solid, steady group ride but without the spikes in speed of G3.

All that said. If you enjoyed Tuesday Gravel, and are a strong roadie. You will enjoy Saturday G3 or Intermediate Road.




Thanks Alain! Sounds great, I plan to join group 3 on Saturday morning.



With both Intermediate and Group 3 doing the same route on Saturday you have options as they both go from the same start point.

The overall pace can vary depending on who shows up for which group so we can help advise on the day which might be most suitable. Tuesday Gravel had a mix of road riders from Intermediate, Group 3 even some Group 2 riders so depending on what you feel you stacked up in that group that might help where you feel you would fit. I wouldn’t suggest you go for the Group 2 ride as your first road ride with the club though :slight_smile:

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Hi Emily,

Your forum account doesn’t show that you’re a club member. Until your account is “authorized” as a club member, the “Club Ride Notices” category is 100% hidden from view, and thus the forum looks really strange with only a few posts and sometimes a ride summary.

I think this is a really unfortunate design flaw. It would help the club to have a ride calendar visible to non-members with some information, for example, something like this club: Calendar - Quad Cities Bike Club . Most likely the club is using the hidden category to prevent non-members from showing up on rides, which would be a liability issue, etc. As a new member this year, I was perplexed by the lack of rides for the club before I joined. Only after joining did I get to see that the club is quite active.


Good catch @marks ! I think we might have a bug here. I’ll talk to staff about this. @Emily_driedger I changed your status to member so you should be able to see the posts now. If anyone else is having problems please let me know and I can take a look.

Hi Oliver,

Could you please check my membership status as well. I seem to be having the same issues viewing the ride posts.


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Should be fixed now @John_Lubczynski Give that a try!

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Thanks for looking into it, it still looks like I don’t have access to the rides. I am leaning towards joining the gravel group now and at least know where and when the ride starts from :slight_smile:

There is something weird going on with your account @Emily_driedger . It is showing you are a member on the backend now but when you post it isn’t showing member next to your name. @tcauduro and @Steven_Stillaway can either of you take a look and help?

Maybe try logging off the forum and back on again?

Both Intermediate and Group 3 road rides are starting at 8:30 am at RIM park. Both doing a 99 km route to Belwood:

Start Location: RIM Park Waterloo, NE corner



Several of the fast-ish people from Tuesday will be at the G3 road ride, led by @Oliver_Smith above.

NOTE: If you choose gravel, The Intermediate Gravel Ride starts in St. Jacobs at 8:30 led by @JimDaley This is very similar to the group last Tuesday. Here’s the screen shot if you can’t access the link.

Sorry for spamming this thread but I still don’t have access to the ride forums and I was wondering if someone could let me know info about rides happening tomorrow evening.

Hey @Emily_driedger There seems to be an issue with the groups in the forum and unfortunately I don’t have permission to fix it. I have let the staff know. If there is a particular ride you are interested in I can let you know more details.

Thank you @Oliver_Smith for contacting the IT crew to get this resolved. @Emily_driedger here is a snapshot of rides this week. Like Oliver said, just ask for details for any rides that interest you. You are not spamming - thank you for you patience!


Road - Int/Fast HIIT Ride

Gravel - Int/Fast Ride


Road - Rec Ride

Gravel - Int/Fast Ride

Gravel - Rec Ride

Crit Practice w/ Faction


Road - Early Morning Interval Ride

Road - Int/Fast Threshold Rides

Gravel - Rec Ride

MTB - Skills Training


Road - Early Morning Recovery Ride


Road - Rec/Fast Fondo Rides

Gravel - Rec/Int/Fast Ride

Road - Int Destination Ride


Road - Rec Ride

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There is a gravel ride tonight. Call it…“Fast-ish”. Similar to last Tuesday.

There are two distinct gravel rides tomorrow. Intermediate…and…FAST.

All start at 6:30 at St. Jacob’s Outlet Mall

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