Can we make the rides section public please?

Hi there,

Wondering if we can make the rides section public?

Couple of reasons for asking:

  • We are allowed to have OCA insured members participate in certain rides/events (Like the TT series for example) and we specify in the post who can join rides/events
  • It’s hard to share the rides on social media to drive up interest for people to join the club, share events and event results without having to create a duplicate post in the public forums.

Thoughts on this?



This is not a forum decision. This is a WCC Board decision. They are the ones to talk to about this.

You could make a separate post in the appropriate biking style section where you talk about a specific ride and post pictures of that ride but just do not include the specific time and route and then share that.

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Thanks but we have board members here right? Can someone on the board raise this please? (I’ll also email Kevin)



I will let them know.

I would hesitate to change the setting just based on Chris’s request.

I thought this was set up as members only because people were concerned about privacy of the rides and saying they were going.

Rather than push this to the board based on one request, I suggest asking club members and presenting the feedback to the board.


The purpose of this request was to prevent duplication of posts. Due to privacy concerns I’m happy to create a separate post in a public forum without the event plug in added. That’ll give me something to share and maintain riders privacy on who’s attending. No further action required here :slight_smile:

I agree with @Dan_Newton

This should be a topic of discussion with Members and see what people think of it.