Cyclo-Cross Provincials - KWCX! - Oct 30

We’re up next with the WCC’s home race, KWCX at Bingemans. The course has changed a little bit, but not much. The first climb has been paved, well it’s tar and chip, we have a longer start/finish straight and a bit more space and straight stuff between the two climbs.

I asked to have sportif and single speed categories included for men and women. This will give people that aren’t too serious, or that want to have more fun at the end of the day, a place to race or just experience the event without too much pressure.

We arranged to have some food available from Bingemans between 12:30 and 2 pm. There will be hamburgers, sausage and chicken on a bun as well as pop/water. We’ll sell tickets for the food. Hopefully some people from the club that don’t race come out, enjoy the afternoon, get something to eat and cheer on the racers.

Speaking of cheering on the racers, I’d really love to see a bunch of spectators. At European races the start/finish is lined with people clapping and cheering. We can provide that kind of experience for the racers if we ask the other people we know in the club and even our friends to come out and take some of the racing in.

Here’s the event website,

Register here,!/events/kwcx-provincial-championships-2022

Registration CLOSES Oct 26 at 11:59. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Also, if you register for single speed and it’s your second race it’s only $10!!! Do it.

Volunteers. The sign up sheet is here, KWCX 2022 If anyone knows some students or young adults that could volunteer as course marshals it would be appreciated. We need 8 to be on the safe side. The spot for Registration Assistant is also open. We could use a few more people on race setup day, but we’ll be okay as a few racing friends are driving here for the weekend and will help.

Volunteers on Saturday and Sunday will be provided with food, drink and breaks. I’ll likely buy pizza on Saturday and source the volunteer food from what we have available from Bingemans on Sunday. If anyone has any food restrictions leave a comment on the signup form or message me.

Big thanks to everyone that has already signed up to volunteer and race. This is truly a great club run event, we couldn’t do it without all the support from our awesome club members.


See you at the sportif ride!! Can the club or KWCX put out a social media post that we can share far and wide to attract some fans? Should be a great time!


Looking forward to this, Mark. (I’m posting on our company ‘cycling channel’ on MS teams too!)

I’m assuming you will send out an email next week for volunteers with basic info? (where to park, where to meet, time to meet)


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The sign up page lists the specific times each position covers. I will send an email reminding everyone and provide an image showing where to park. It’s pretty easy to find. Thanks for volunteering!

Mark, I’ve roped a couple kids from HHSS to help on Saturday. If you think your need for Sunday Marshalls is greater, I can ask them to switch days.

I second Lucas’s suggestion that it would awesome if we could all share a club-made insta post!

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Thanks Mark! We need marshals the most, if possible.

I’ll make a post on social media that can be shared. Thanks for the idea.

I’ve also shared this with kwca. Worst case I will find people day of and apply persuasion for marshalls.

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@MarkW I’m volun-offering my daughters help for setup and tear down so she can get some volunteer hours.

Thanks Chris. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Here’s a club instagram post about the race and volunteers.

and facebook

A few more marshals would be greatly appreciated!


The course will be open for pre-ride around 2:30 pm on Saturday. We’ll still be working on adjustments and such through the afternoon, so please be considerate of volunteers around and on the course.

Oh, and if you’re on the fence about registering, we have a record amount of prizes to not only give the podiums but also for random draws. There’s over $4,000 in prizes to be won thanks to our amazing sponsors. The local cycling community is incredibly supportive.

Please be sure to show you support to our amazing sponsors. If you’ve never been to TWB Co-operative Brewing. you should drop by and pickup some unique and tasty beers.

Ziggy’s Cycle King Street Cycles Origin8


Only a couple days to go and we still need a couple course marshals. If anyone has a teenager that can be “voluntold” that would be great, even just a few hours would help.

On race day we’ll have some extra food available for sale after the volunteer meals are given out. From 12:45-2 Bingemans will have hot plates with about 20 meals that are a combination of hamburgers, chicken or sausage on a bun served with a side of potato salad and a drink for $15. They will be served from 12:45 to 2. Tickets for the meals are available at registration, cash only.

If you’re hanging around for the afternoon bring along some cash and grab a bit to eat. The weather looks perfect for socializing outside and having a bite to eat. We’ll have a bunch of team tents so bring a lawn chair, catch up with club members and do some cheering/heckling your friends.


I’m useless to help but will try and come out to support and heckle for a bit. :slight_smile: