Cyclo-Cross Races 2022

Cross season is almost upon us. We’ve started up the Thursday evening and Sunday morning practices already and only have a few weeks until the first race.

This year there’s a slightly shortened calandar with one fewer O-Cup and only one regional race, Mad Cross put on by our friend Jaffray in Woodstock.

Apparently O-Cup #3 Dam Cross, and Mad Cross which will happen the day before, are being moved to the weekend of the 8/9 because of scheduling issues with the venue. We’ll know for sure shortly. Mad and Dam Cross are the best races to attend for the first timer and we generally get the biggest club turnout at these. They happen in Pittock Conservation area in Woodstock. The course is flat with grass/gravel and of course a giant beach section complete with lifeguards to watch you fall in the sand.

If you haven’t raced cross before it’s something to experience, especially if you already have a race license. The atmosphere is pretty chill and none of us take ourselves too seriously. Sure, everyone wants to put in a performance, but we have fun doing it. “Heckling” is just part of the sport and everyone is fair game.

We usually have the club tent placed next to the course at a good spot, for heckling of course, bring chairs, a bike stand or two, drinks, snacks and noise making devices then hang out for the day at the race. It’s a pretty social atmosphere compared to other races with maybe the exception of track.

Whether you’ve raced in the past or are a new to it I hope we get a good turnout at practices and races this fall. Races don’t happen if people don’t show up. Cross races are at least fairly cheap compared to road and gravel.

Hardwood and Baseball Cross are 2+ hour drives. I highly recommend Hardwood, it’s a unique and very sandy race. Last year they tried some new sections that weren’t so great, but hopefully they learn from their mistakes.

We Need More Cowbells is a blast and it’s only an hour and a half drive to Big Valley Camping Resort just outside of St. Catharines. Nathan Chown has been running this race for probably close to 20 years now and it’s always well attended and fun. We should have a good turnout, it’ll be a party.

Speaking of parties, the WCC is hosting Provincials at our home race KWCX at Bingemans. Anyone watch races in Europe where fans line sections of the course and cheer? Looks amazing right? Well, maybe we can make that happen for everyone participating in Provincials. It would be awesome if we had a big turnout from the both as racers and to hang around and cheer. Our team tent area is right next to the start/finish and the barriers so it’s a great place to bring a chair, but some BBQ, socialize a cheer the racers on. All the interesting sections of the course, about 80% of it, is visible from the team tent area. Please, come out and bring that Euro fan atmosphere to Ontario.

I’ll post separately for each race as registration opens. Who’s up for trying some races for the first time and how many of the regulars will we see out there this year?



Ok…the hook got me. :grimacing:

To be honest, track and CX get me more excited than road cycling!

I’m not sure I’ll race (don’t have a good enough (read: light) bike). But I’ve signed up to help set up and work the KWCX Provincials! And I’ll come out to the CX training rides…for fun and maybe convince myself to try a race on the Led Sled?

I’ll be sure to publicize the event at work too!
I managed to get 20 coworkers to drive to Milton to ride the track…I’m sure I can get some out to cheer at Bingeman’s.

Will we have a frites truck on site?
Nothing like watching CX while enjoying some fries!


We’ll have a BBQ provided by Bingemans from around 12-1:30. We have to use them for food services because we’re on their property. I tried getting one of their food trucks, cause fries would have been great, but apparently their trucks are all done for the season by that point.

Thanks’ for publicizing the race. I really do hope we can get a big crowd to watch the mid day raced. Nothing like a good atmosphere to make an event feel extra special.


There’s also the Kelso cyclocross series, back on this year. I didn’t see any WCC representation there tonight :frowning: Guelph, Hamilton, KWCA, …

With the novice category it has been a great place to try out the sport – in a do what you can, walk if you want, have fun kind of way :slight_smile: Beginner/Novice runs first, followed by Sport/Expert on a longer more challenging course.

This year on the long course there’s what seemed to me a crazy steep up, turn, down section - but people were riding it! The tape on the turn at the bottom came down pretty quickly :wink: People riding mountain bikes were hard to keep up with on rough downhill sections, but I found them easier to pass going up hill :wink:

Hey Mark,
When we get closer can you post a schedule for volunteers. When you’ll need them, what sort of stuff you need done etc.

Here’s the signup page for race setup and race day. I’ll post it again in a separate thread for KWCX.

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