CX O-Cup #4 Baseball Nov 5th

It’s flat so I have signed up!

Anyone else heading up this weekend.

Hi Rob.

Sagan and I are both racing this weekend. I got myself upgraded to M2 only to avoid the super-early start time. Although that means I’ll be racing at the very back of the pack. :slightly_smiling_face:

There will also be a few other KWCA racers I think. I’d be happy to car pool, however Sagan races an hour earlier so it probably isn’t an option.

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I’ve been firmly at the back of the pack. Devin is currently sick but still wants to go so I’m not keen to carpool with anyone for obvious reasons…

Im there. Family in Orillia so heading up late Friday night. Looks super flat with a lot of straight power sections. Kinda boring really. Curious as to what they do with the sand pit. Rough course map shows heavy sand lines.

I kinda always liked Baseball cross. There is one small staircase/hillside to go up, and another areas with elevation changes in behind one of the baseball fields. So yeah, mostly flat, but still some fun features.

Typically there’s at least two sand sections. The longer section usually goes right across a beach volleyball court. They do have to protect a line under the sand, so they’re raking it smooth between races. Basically means it’s a dismount and run kinda thing.

I will be heading up. It looks like making people race once before provincials worked because the e1/2 field has doubled for this weekend with mostly people that haven’t raced yet. Some of the other fields look pretty big as well.

The sand has been used in the past with one long pass and another partial pass.

Last year they changed it up with 3 separate 180s at one end, a long diagonal crossing at the other end that made you choose between a straight shot that was faster but longer or hugging the grass for as long as possible, slower but the safer option.

Those sections Kevin are out this year according to the map

Trevor’s strava laps from yesterday show the course is different from the tech guide map. Looks like we do go to that run up area but opposite direction from last year.
Still a full out sprint for 2 laps to get a gap, plan to try and follow Theo and Ben Swift for as long as i can haha. Trevor hasn’t been racing, training but not racing so hard to say how he will be. Robin will have better legs by now and might be up there too. Brenton is fast but doesn’t like power courses also hasnt been racing. Alex Lefebvre hard to say…maybe we will a battle of the Alex’s