Baseball Cross - O-Cup #4 - Nov. 6

The last cx race of the season is this weekend in Barrie. If you don’t like climbing this is the race for you. I assume we’re going through the sand, but I can’t tell from the course map. The tech doc is available, you have to go to the Ontario Cycling calendar event to see it here.

There’s some info on their website including the registration link. Reg closes tomorrow night, Nov 2 so don’t delay if you plan on going.

At least the price is low. Full price is $50 which isn’t bad.

I’m on the fence if I’ll go or not. I would like to get some more upgrade points, but the two hour drive is always a bit of a deterrent. I do have a set of wheels to return to a racer that left them at KWCX, so if I don’t go hopefully there are a few others that will make the trip and could take the wheels.

Anyone else interested?

I am going and can take the wheels.

If you could that would be great. I’m going to sit this one out. Hopefully I’ll get in a race or two more next year.