CX O-Cup #3 - Duntroon - Oct 22

This Sunday is the third round and reg closes tonight. It’s a new one, so we’re all left guessing as to what the course will be like. You can find the tech guide on the Ontario Cycling page here.

Reg closes tonight!!!

I’d expect a bunch of climbing and some use of the mtb/double track there.

I’m out this weekend. My wrist is still sore from the past race. Dan has to defend his perfect record in M1, I think Rob D is going and Sabrina is interested. Anyone else? Might be some fun slippery conditions depending on where the rain lands.


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Unfortunately I’m double booked, but Devin and Lauren will be there. I think Jo is going as well.

Tech guide has some of the course map. I see some double track and what I expect will be some off cambers. From what I’m told it can get muddy fast there and it has hosted some really good courses way back when.

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I decided to bail and will do baseball instead. I figured the course would be more similar to Cowbell than Woodstock and seeing how different those race went for me thought baseball would suit me better.