Cross Is Boss

WCC didn’t invent cycling, or any of these genres. We just introduced them to the club and let people experience them for themselves. But, there are always starting points (and people).

For CX…Tabi, Joel Rose, Mike Patte and Adam Poll come to mind buying a UCI licence and racing CX over decade ago. Early adopters who were racing CX before any of us realized that this is what European Pro’s did in the off season to keep their fitness.

Adam always blushes when I lay things at his feet. But he was the first one to pick up on Mike Osbourne’s KWCX course at Mcllenan Park back in circa 2010 and invite people out to try it. He was the one who bought pipes for barriers and soccer cones to set up skills & drills sessions and course. We all learned our first dismount from Adam Poll.

And it evolved…along with the club.

I would add Tom Cauduro in there too. Not only one of 4 official racers along with Adam Poll and Gaelen M. and Aaron to start the WCC race team under Blake Ellis back in 2012 ??? But, Tom stuck with CX, raced at a high level and was a backbone of KWCX for years.

When I was Prez, I appointed Mark Weymouth and Kevin Gibson as WCC “CX Managers” and pointed to Steve Hart (of Lapdogs) and said…be like that guy! Well…geezz…they took it to such a level and engaged so many people, they even created a new OCA CX race on the calendar…called KWCX.

There is a reason these three are extremely worthy CX leaders of our club today.

Along with a whole host of super dedicated “Crossers”…Tim, Robbie, Matt, Carolyn, Chris A, Roser, Matty G…just too many to list.

The WCC Flickr album is littered wth famous WCC OCA turnouts.

It was always so easy to capture the pure joy of KWCX practice and the work the leaders put in to make this happen.