KWCX O-Cup #5 - Oct 24!

The WCC’s annual cyclo-cross race, held at Bingemans, is back and as an O-Cup for the first time. Once again Ziggy’s Cycle has stepped up to be our title sponsor. Not only is Ziggy’s providing prizes for podiums, but they will also be onsite providing mechanical support on race day!

King Street Cycles is continuing their support providing prizes. They are also likely to be out providing support in the form of a cyclo-cross tradition, heckling.

TWB Brewing has signed up to give podium earners their delicious beer and swag.

Show your support and be sure to visit our amazing sponsors.

Now to the nitty gritty. If you’ve raced cross before you know the drill, go SIGNUP BEFORE WED, OCT 20 AT 11:59PM. There is no race day registration this year.

If you’re new to cx or cross curious then our local race is the perfect place to give it a try. All you need is a citizens permit, which is a slight upgrade from your club membership. In the entry level categories you can race on any bike! No cross bike needed, mountain bikes work just fine.

If you’re registering for one race you might as well take advantage of our second race, single speed, discount. It’s only $10!

For any other race info visit our website where you can download the tech doc.

Register here.



Only a couple days left to register. Don’t leave it until the last minute. CCN hasn’t been working smoothly this year, so if you’re having problems registering just be patient and keep trying.

Registration ends tonight at 11:59 pm!

Come out and give it a try. We’ll have prizes for the top three and random draw prizes for every category thanks to our amazing sponsors; Ziggy’s Cycle, King Street Cycles and McPhail’s


If you’re coming to the race, to participate or spectate, you’ll have to fill out our COVID screening form the morning of the race and show proof before entering the area. We’ll have some volunteers at the junction just before the turn into the parking lot.

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Looking forward to the race, and the set-up tomorrow. I was reading in the tech guide that helmet cameras are not permitted, but no mention of chest-mounted cameras, same as Dam CX. Is it okay if I wear my chest mount for this race?

I think a chest mount is fine. I know you are allowed to use a handlebar mount. If you were able to at Dam Cross then you will be fine to wear it on Sunday.

See you tomorrow, thanks for volunteering!

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It looks like I might have dropped my wallet while setting up the course. If anyone sees it I’ll probably be riding back through in an hour or so.

Lol, just found it.


Check out the Masters 3 video here. Thanks to everyone for such a great event, was fantastic.


Thanks David, looking forward to watching this. It looked like you had a good race, you looked smooth out there.


Congratulations on you second place finish! Great video!!


Thanks Mark! Excellent course again, such a great job.

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Thanks David, Appreciate that. It was exciting.

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Just watched through the video @Davidwp. Being at the front of a race is such a good feeling. I bet you learned some hard lessons on that first lap.

  1. Unless you’re in the top 5 you probably won’t be riding the first, or other sand sections. It’s safer to commit to the run on the first lap.
  2. If the person in front of you dismounts, like they did on Hart Hill, so do you. It’s tough to do so smoothly and save momentum.
  3. Be patient, breath and try to be smooth. Smooth is fast.

Taking the inside line going to the first corner, the “hole shot”, off the start was brave!


Awesome video, David! It was fun for me to relive the race. It’s a blast seeing myself in your video (hey, I know that guy!), experiencing the race through your perspective.

I agree with Mark: you were brave to take the hole shot like you did, but it paid off! You can see me doing the opposite, going wide, which was safe but I ended up only a couple places in front of you, when my starting position was a little more advantageous. In this particular scenario, with so many riders, I think I should have taken the next-to-right lane, not the far right. Another lesson from the video is it can really pay off to put in a little dig to get in front of a rider, especially if that leaves a “rival” behind them. Also, take it with a grain of salt when someone (coughmecough:) in front of you claims (trying to be helpful), “I’m going to ride this!” Lol


That was fun to watch, good in-race commentary/self-encouragement!

Need a parent advisory warning label on the video too :joy:

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@MarkW always has great advice!

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Great advice, thanks, Mark. I learned number one coming into that first sandpit where I fell for the first time. Was forced off the bike on Hart hill (number two) and I could have practised my patience (number three).

For sure! Awesome efforts as well Mark. It will be fun to look back at it in awhile again.

Had fun going back and forth. I was a little too full send at parts, on the last corner particularly and found my limits. Learned a lot again, and looking forward to developing and trying more events next year.

Thanks, Dan! haha hard to hold back. :wink: