CX O-Cup #2 - Dam Cross - Run By WCC!

The second cyclo-cross O-Cup is on Oct 15th and we’ve taken over running it. Dam Cross happens at Pittock Conservation Area in Woodstock and has been many club members first cross race over the years.

Of important note, and this is straight from the tech guide.

“On trial this year, ACM (Associate Club Membership) holders that are
members of a host club supporting an O-Cup are allowed to compete at that
OCup ONLY. Their ACM must show that they are a member of the club at
the time of registration and upon signing in at the respective event.”

So, anyone in the club can register for Dam Cross without having to buy a race license! This helps reduce the cost of trying a race, as entry fees have increased this year to $70.

Give the race a try, register here. Registration closes Wed. Oct 11th at midnight!

Now, the course. It’s flat, pancake flat but there’s a beach! Otherwise it’s lots of wide flowing corners. It’s easy to walk around and see most of the course in a short time. We often put the club tent up by the beach and a large group hangs out there all day cheering and heckling.

If you aren’t interested in racing we could use more volunteers on race day as Jeremy mentioned in a separate post. You can sign up on their website: VeloSched by Edward Sitarski First you create an account, which can take a day, then search for Dam Cross CX O-Cup #2 and pick a position.

Hope to see a big group out racing, watching and helping out.



Will the Hoff be on the beach like usual?

He sure will.

Flat eh? Sound like I may be able to go a bit faster this time lol

You will go faster, and it’ll hurt just as much.

Also there’s a couple long sand sections, so find an outdoor volleyball court to bike through.

@velodan here is the thread.

so tires…
I currently have Vittoria Terreno Mixed on and used them at Kelso on Tuesday in the rain. I just got a set of Challenge Limus. I know someone with my lack of skills shouldn’t worry too much about details but we all know I can use any help I can get. Should I use the Limus for Sunday? Somewhere I saw someone, Dan i think, post about wet tires.

Just my $0.02. I actually raced at Kelso on Tuesday with Schwalbe X-one all round (comparable to the Terreno Mixed) on the front and Challenge Limus on the rear.
I think the Limus had a bit more grip but it was hard to tell. On wet grass I couldn’t tell that much of a difference. I believe the big advantage to the Limus would be in sticky mud where the Limus would be much, much better at shedding.

So I think the big question is how muddy the Dam Cross race will be on Sunday morning. I recall that a lot of the tight corners were in the grassy sections. There was also a fair amount of gravel and hardpack (and the beach!) so my guess is that it wouldn’t be overly muddy. And since the course is flat there won’t be any muddy climbs or descents. I’m leaning towards the allrounds myself but might change to muds based on the conditions in the morning.

So two years ago it was a similar set of conditions, the section near the top parking lot was extremely greasy and muds were the order of the day. The lower section was much more rideable, but the couple of off cambers were an issue.

I would ride the limus over the allround assuming the rain comes. But bigger part will be trying to go as low on pressure as you can without flatting.

I think i ran something like 12/14psi last time it was wet at Dam cross. This was on tubs and I don’t recommended it for tubeless or tubes. My pressure was so low I could feel stones in the rims when on the gravel, but I had more grip then others and it made up for time lost on the road.

First race may be ok for all rounds depending on attendance. I’ll post on Saturday if the decision is clearcut when setting up.

Thanks! I only have one set of wheels plus the 2 hour drive so I’d rather decide before the morning of so I don’t have to swap out tubeless tires before driving down.

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Anyone see a start list posted? I find zone4 difficult to find stuff on

Still not there, I’ve also been checking

Definitely drier than expected, intermediates would be my tire of choice.


Sorry to miss out on the opportunity to heckle you all. Good luck racing today and have a great day at the beach :wink: !


Not sure where y’all might want to drop the photos, but I thought this was a fun one as a gif: